Right now, Microsoft's wireless, noise-canceling Surface Headphones can be had for just $250, which is $100 off the regular retail price.

The deal is available at Microsoft's online store, and it seems to be temporary. The Surface Headphones feature Cortana integration, but they also support Google Assistant when paired to an Android device, or Siri when used on iPhones.

Surface Headphones

As mentioned, these headphones feature noise-canceling technology, blocking out external noise and ambient distractions to let the listener focus on and hear their music better. As typical of headphones in this price range, these also have smart switching, which allows users to jump from one connected device to another smoothly. It's got USB Type-C charging, to boot, a welcome mark of modernity.

This deal is live now.

Microsoft rolled out the Surface Headphones back in November 2018, and this deal is the first time the price has ever been this low — or for that matter, the first time they've ever been discounted. Reviews for the Surface Headphones are mostly positive. The Verge, for example, loved their excellent wireless performance and noise cancellation, but had qualms over its sound quality. Digital Trends, meanwhile, called them a great pair of cans, but said the specs don't match the price. Given such sentiments, a $100 discount might just be the push one needs to finally cop a pair.

One interesting feature the Surface Headphones have is the ability to adjust the level of noise cancellation, which means the users doesn't have to take them off in case they're pestered by people trying to talk to them. They also offer tap controls to change tracks, which makes shuffling through a playlist much easier and hassle-free. When taken off, the Surface Headphones pauses the music then resumes playback once it's worn again, which is a small, but sophisticated touch also found on Apple's AirPods.

Surface Buds

This might not be the last pair of cans from Microsoft. Rumors say the Redmond company is developing its AirPods rival, dubbed the Surface Buds. Allegedly coming out before this year ends, these buds will be wireless, support Cortana, and perhaps even feature noise cancellation. Microsoft's audio efforts should perhaps come as no surprise. Previously, it sold earbuds alongside its Zune music player, although that didn't really pan out. Time will tell if these new devices suffer the same fate.

In any case, make sure to check back with Tech Times as we learn more about Microsoft's plans for audio.

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