Steam Chat App Now Available On iOS And Android: Can It Take On Discord?


Valve has finally put its Steam Chat app on mobile platforms. Now on iOS and Android, Steam Chat copies most of the features on its desktop counterpart, tagging along features such as Friends List, Rich Chat, Invite Links, and more.

In its announcement, Valve promised to keep improving the app with a forthcoming voice chat feature. Not only that, it will also release features focused on making accounts more secure.

"With Steam Chat moving to its own dedicated app, the original Steam Mobile app will see significant upgrades focused on account security," said Valve. "Our plans include better Steam Guard options to help securely log into your Steam account, such as QR codes and one-touch login, and improved app navigation."

Steam Chat App For Mobile

Steam Chat's mobile iteration features a Friends List; which lets players see who's in-game or online; Rich Chat, where users can exchange links, videos, tweets, GIFs, Giphy, Steam emoticons, and more; Invite Links, which allows users to add new friends on Steam via a link; Customizable Notifications, which lets players assign notification alerts per friend, group chat, or chat channel; and Group Chat, which is pretty self-explanatory.

Can It Beat Discord?

Some might consider Steam Chat for mobile is a frivolous release given the popularity of Discord, considered as the de facto app for gaming-focused communities. Will Steam Chat be robust and popular enough to topple Discord off the throne? It's hard to say for now. At the very least, competition is always good: it keeps companies on their toes at all times and makes them frazzled to deliver the best features to beat rivals — in turn, that means refined and improved services for users.

Steam Chat for iOS marks Valve's second major iOS app launch in less than a week. Most recently, it rolled out the long-delated Steam Link app, which lets users cast Steam games from their desktop to an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. But it wasn't Valve's fault entirely — Apple rejected it almost a year prior.

It would be interesting to see how Steam Chat progresses from here on out. Since Valve promise security, perhaps players will at one point see a better Steam Guard feature, and maybe even one-touch login, QR codes, the whole nine yards. At present, though, Discord is a beastly rival, and it will take time before Valve's app even comes close.

The app is live on iOS and Android.

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