Amazon has rolled out a new Alexa command that lets users delete their conversations.

Thanks to that, users won't have to go through the settings just to remove their voice recordings from Amazon servers.

New Privacy Feature And Smart Display

In a press release, Amazon announced the new Echo Show 5 along with two new Alexa commands.

First off, users can now tell the virtual assistant "Alexa, delete what I said today." This one's pretty straightforward in which all the user's conversations of a certain day will be wiped.

On top of that, they can soon say, "Alexa, delete what I just said," another voice command that's scheduled to be available in the following weeks in the United States and other markets where Alexa is supported. This one deletes the last command made.

Of course, the retailer already provided users with the option to delete voice recordings before, but now it's making things easier by teaching Alexa the know-how to do it for them.

As noted, Amazon also took the wraps off the Echo Show 5. It's a new smart display with a 5.5-inch display that seems to be an entry-level variant of the Echo Show. At that, it's priced at only $89.99.

It can do whatever one would expect from an Amazon smart display, such as deliver news and a weather report via Alexa, play podcasts and music, video calls, and the like. What makes it somewhat special, though, is its built-in camera shutter that lets users close off the sensor whenever they want. In addition, it has a button that turns off both the microphone and camera. In other words, it's focused on privacy.

It's available for preorder right now, and it's set to start shipping out in June. It comes in Charcoal and Sandstone.

How To Delete Alexa Voice Recordings

As mentioned earlier, the retailer lets users purge their conversations with Alexa, though it's not as simple as just telling the smart assistant to do it. At any rate, Tech Times has a guide on how to delete these voice recordings manually.

On the other hand, there's also a way to somewhat limit how much data Amazon gets from users through talking with Alexa.

These new privacy features come hot on the heels of controversies, such as the Bloomberg report that said Amazon employees are listening to users' conversations.

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