Nearly a hundred people have now been affected by the salmonella outbreak that has affected 27 states. The illnesses started in October of 2018, and so far 20 people have already been hospitalized.

Salmonella Outbreak

In the latest update on the ongoing salmonella outbreak, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention added three salmonella serotypes London, Infantis, and Newport to the investigation. Since the illnesses began on Oct. 1, 2018, 93 people from 27 states have been affected and 20 have been hospitalized.

Investigations link the outbreak to pig ear dog treats as the likely source of the outbreak. In fact, of the 70 ill people interviewed, 63 (90 percent) reported having contact with a dog before they fell ill, while 34 of the 49 ill people with available information reported having contact with pig ear dog treats or dogs who had been given the said treats.

A common supplier of the pig ear dog treats has not been identified, but Pet Supplies Plus has recalled pig ear treats just last July 3 in case they were contaminated with salmonella.

Pet Owner Advisory

Because of the outbreak, the CDC is now advising dog owners who bought pig ear treats to stop feeding it to their pets and to throw the treats away in a secure container where the pets would not be able to reach them. The advice stands even if some of the treats have previously been given to the dog and did not cause an illness. Containers in which the treats were stored should also be properly cleaned with soap and hot water.

Dogs affected by salmonella typically experience diarrhea with blood, fever, and vomiting, and may look more tired than usual. Anyone who suspects that their pet has a salmonella infection must immediately contact the veterinarian, and may report it to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration if it may be linked to pig ear dog treats or any other pet food products.

To stay healthy, pet owners must always wash their hands with soap and water after handling pet food or treats, and make sure that the pet supplies are stored away from human food. It is also important not to let pets lick close to the mouth, face, or any open wounds especially if they had just eaten food or treats. If one does play with the dog right after it ate, the body part that the dog licked must be properly washed with soap and water.

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