Firefox Reality, a cross-platform virtual reality web browser, is now up on Oculus Quest, bringing internet browsing experience to a whole new level.

VR Web Browsing

Firefox Reality first made its appearance last year and has since been available on a number of VR headsets, including Google Daydream, Lenovo Mirage Solo, and Oculus Go. It's even the default web browser on all HTC Vive headsets.

Now, Oculus Quest is joining the list of VR devices with Mozilla's Firefox Reality. In a blogpost, Mozilla announced that Firefox Reality is now available on Oculus' standalone VR headset.

The browser supports 360-degree videos and voice search. It also has movie and resize modes, which allow users to rescale the browser window according to their preference. Like the regular 2D browser, Firefox Reality has private browsing mode, bookmark syncing, and is available in 10 different languages, including Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

"Whether you're watching immersive video or meeting up with friends in Mozilla Hubs, Firefox Reality takes advantage of the Oculus Quest's boost in performance and capabilities to deliver the best VR web browsing experience," Mozilla said in the blogpost published Thursday.

Aside from the immersive experience, Firefox Reality also offers Enhanced Tracking Protection. This feature, enabled by default, protects a user's privacy from advertisers and companies that track and collect personal data.

Users can download the Firefox Reality for free via the Oculus Quest Store.

Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest is a standalone VR headset, which means it doesn't need a PC or any mobile device to run. It's pretty much like a pumped-up version of the budget-friendly Oculus Go. However, what sets the Oculus Quest from the Oculus Go — pricing aside — is Quest's versatility and truly immersive VR experience, thanks to its six-degrees-of-freedom support and Guardian tracking.

Oculus Quest is priced at $399 (64 GB) and $499 (128 GB).

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