Mozilla's password manager is now available on Android. Firefox Lockbox is a free app that was first launched for iOS devices in mid-2018.

Similar to the iOS version, Firefox Lockbox for Android is as basic as it gets, unlike other dedicated password managers such as LastPass or 1Password.

A Basic Password Manager

Firefox Lockbox is a standalone app that lets users access passwords stored in the Firefox browser. Basically, it syncs login credentials entered in Firefox and stores them in the Lockbox app, which then enables users to fetch passwords even when they're logging in other apps or devices.

Just to be clear, Lockbox doesn't have all the bells and whistles one would get when using a more complex password manager — users won't be able to edit, add, or delete passwords within the app, there's no feature that can suggest complicated passwords, and neither it can alert users if their passwords are compromised.

However, for those who are already using Firefox as their browser, it's a simple but helpful app. Lockbox can also work with Android's autofill settings, and in addition, despite being on the basic side, Lockbox ensures that all passwords are secured. There's a 256-bit encryption, which encrypts passwords so that no one — not even Mozilla — can access data. An optional fingerprint or facial recognition is also available for added protection.

How To Sync Passwords

To sync passwords with Lockbox, users should log in to Firefox account found in the Settings menu of the Firefox browser for Android. Once logged in, check the Logins box and tap on the Sync Now option to save passwords in the Lockbox app.

Other details and instructions on how to manually sync and set up autofill are available on Lockbox's FAQ page.

Firefox Lockbox For Android can be downloaded for free on Google Play.

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