Google has just revealed that the upcoming Pixel 4 will have two brand new features: the Soli-powered Motion Control and "Face unlock".

The Mountain View-based tech company recently released a video showing off some of the features included with their new smartphone.

Based on the clip, it seems that Google is choosing to give fans bits of information about Pixel 4 during the buildup to its release instead of unveiling everything in one big event.

Motion Control

Pixel 4 is set to debut the new Motion Control feature, which will allow users to enter commands to their smartphone using simple hand gestures. The technology makes use of Google's Soli motion-sensing radar that was developed by the Advanced Technology and Projects team.

The upcoming smartphone will have a miniature version of the Soli radar that will allow the device to sense small motions around it. It will then use software algorithms to recognize specific gestures and read them as commands. Users will be able to silence phone calls, snooze alarms, or even skip songs on their playlist by simply waving their hand.

Google boasted that these are just some of the things that its Motion Sense technology could do and that there could be more in store for it in the future. The new feature will only be available in select Pixel countries at launch, with other regions likely to receive it once Google secures the necessary approvals.

Face Unlock

Google is also hoping to leverage the Soli motion-sensing technology to give the Pixel 4 an easier and more streamlined face unlock feature. Users can simply reach for their smartphone and Soli will automatically activate its face unlock sensors. If the sensors and algorithms can recognize the user's face, the system will open the device.

This offers a more efficient alternative to other face unlock systems. Most of them require users to hold their smartphone a certain way, strike up a pose, wait for the system to activate and then swipe the screen to open the device. Pixel 4 will do all of these in one swift motion.

Pixel 4 owners will also be able to use the face unlock feature for app authentication and secure payments. This could prove to be a godsend, especially for people who need more security for their mobile transactions.

Data Protection

Despite using image data for its facial recognition technology, Google said Pixel 4 will not share users' personal information with any of its other services. All images used for face unlock will be safely stored in the smartphone's Titan M security chip, making sure that none of them will be transferred from owners' devices.

Sensor data used for the Pixel 4's Soli feature is processed exclusively on the smartphone and are not saved or shared with Google's other services.

News about the Pixel 4 were first unveiled back in June, when Google itself leaked several images of the upcoming phone over the internet. A photo of the new smartphone's camera module and backplate were released by the company through Twitter ahead of its availability.

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