Indie game developer Hello Games is rolling out a big update called "Beyond" for No Man's Sky on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms next week.

This free update will introduce virtual reality as well as a multi-player experience. It will also add a third component to the update, but Hello Games has kept it under wraps just yet.

Huge 'Beyond' Update Release Date

The game creator confirmed the official launch date of "Beyond" update for No Man's Sky in a release date announcement trailer published on Friday, Aug. 2. This huge expansion will go live starting Aug. 14.

"BEYOND, the eagerly-awaited 7th free update to No Man's Sky, which, among many other additions, includes full PSVR support, confirms its release date as 14th August 2019," reads the description of the video post on YouTube.

VR, Online Multiplayer Functionality Features

The new No Man's Sky expansion is adding VR support to PlayStation 4 and PC. This add-on will now allow players to explore the entire game in virtual reality.

Also, "Beyond" brings No Man's Sky Online a new social and multiplayer experience that will let players meet and play with other players in the community. The development team already said before that NMS Online will introduce a more convenient way to play and meet up with friends. It pointed out, however, that this feature does not indicate a shift to an MMO structure given that it doesn't involve a subscription or microtransactions.

"Beyond" is the seventh major expansion to the main game since its release three years ago. It appears that this free update comes as the developer's third-anniversary offering to the fans of the game.

In 2018, Hello Games brought significant overhaul to space action-adventure survival game with the "Next" expansion. Gamespot even lauded it as one of the best expansion releases last year.

Recent updates to the game include the underwater "Abyss" expansion and the "Visions" expansion, which added plenty of new biomes. All these changes and improvements helped to save No Man's Sky after it saw a rough launch.

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