God of War fans who may be thinking of playing through Kratos' latest adventure may want to wait a while, as Sony will soon launch a free update that will add a New Game+ option to the PlayStation 4 title.

The last God of War update brought minor user interface tweaks, along with the requested Photo Mode to capture the game's best moments. The upcoming update will be much bigger and will likely attract players to pick up the controllers again for another run at God of War.

'God of War' New Game+ Coming Soon

On the game's official website, Santa Monica Studios' Aaron Kaufman revealed that New Game+ for God of War will be rolled out as a free update on Aug. 20, which marks four months since its release.

The New Game+ option will be available to players who have completed the story campaign of God of War no matter which difficulty. The feature, according to Kaufman, was inspired by player feedback, so it appears like fans simply could not get enough of the latest game in the franchise.

Players who launch New Game+ will carry over all the armor, enchantments, talismans, resources, and abilities that they have accumulated in their previous playthrough. The game mode will also offer new customization options, resulting in new armor sets and enchantments. There will also be Skap Slag, which is a new resource to craft and upgrade equipment into a new rarity level.

Enemies will also be at a higher level in New Game+, so players should be wary of their opponents. They may be hiding new tricks up their sleeves.

Lastly, since New Game+ players would have already watched all the story's events unfold, there will be an option to skip the cinematics. This will be a welcome addition to speedrunners, as it will slash precious time off their record.

God of War: One Of The Best PlayStation 4 Games In Years

Boosted by mostly positive God of War reviews, the latest game in the action-adventure series now holds the title as the fastest selling PlayStation 4 exclusive ever.

With an engaging story, excellent gameplay, and tons of secrets to discover, God of War is being described as one of the best PlayStation 4 games that have been released over recent years. There is no surprise that gamers are playing God of War again after finishing it, and New Game+ will give another reason to wield Kratos' axe.

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