Samsung will reportedly release a smartphone that uses a new graphene battery technology that can fully charge the device in less than 30 minutes.

Samsung To Release Graphene Battery-Powered Phone As Early As 2020

Gadgets leaker Evan Blass revealed on Twitter that the South Korean electronics company could release the new phone by the year 2020, or 2021.

"Lithium-ion batteries are ... suboptimal. Samsung is hoping to have at least one handset either next year or in 2021, I'm told, which will feature a graphene battery instead," Blass tweeted, as reported by Business Insider.

"Capable of a full charge in under a half-hour, they still need to raise capacities while lowering costs."

Llithium-ion Batteries Versus Graphene Batteries

Smartphones available in the market today are powered by traditional lithium-ion batteries that can fully charge for about an hour and a half. Charging times could significantly change once these devices start to use graphene batteries.

Graphene is a form of carbon with unique properties that make it ideal for battery technology. Graphene, for instance, is 100 times better than copper in terms of conducting electricity. The material also transfers energy 140 times faster than silicon used in lithium technology.

Samsung revealed as early as 2017 that it is working on a graphene ball and cited the advantages of this unique battery material over those used in traditional batteries.

It said the unique battery material enables 45 percent increase in capacity and five times faster charging speeds than standard lithium-ion batteries.

It noted that the breakthrough holds promise for the next generation secondary battery market for mobile devices and electric vehicles.

"In theory, a battery based on the "graphene ball" material requires only 12 minutes to fully charge. Additionally, the battery can maintain a highly stable 60 degree Celsius temperature, with stable battery temperatures particularly key for electric vehicles," the company said in its 2017 press release.

Although graphene batteries in phones could mean shorter charging times, it is not yet clear though if graphene batteries could offer longer battery life. Most smartphones today need to be charged every day so they will have a battery life that can last for a day.

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