A teenager’s viral tweet after her mother supposedly confiscated her gadgets is possibly a hoax. Is it really possible to tweet from a smart refrigerator?

Viral Tweets

It was only this week that a teenager’s tweets went viral simply because of where they were tweeted from. It all began when 15-year-old Dorothy from Kentucky tweeted from a Nintendo 3DS after her mother supposedly confiscated her gadgets. But her mother soon discovers that she had been tweeting from the console so she switches from one device to another to stay connected on Twitter.

Soon, the teen had to resort to tweeting from an LG smart refrigerator just so she could stay online. Naturally, this got the attention of many people, and even started #FreeDorothy. In fact, even LG Electronics jumped in on the bandwagon and tweeted the hashtag.

Hoax Tweets?

In interviews by various outlets via Twitter direct message on her cousin’s iPad and iPod, Dorothy revealed that she had been banned from gadgets after she started a fire while cooking. Now, however, it is becoming apparent that the tweets might have been a hoax.

Evidently, while some LG smart refrigerators do have a browser, none of them have Twitter capabilities. And if someone were to tweet from the browser of one of their refrigerators, the tweet would state that it was posted from the web, not the refrigerator itself.

Twitter Source

What’s more, it is actually rather easy to pretend to be Tweeting from anywhere by changing the Twitter source. In fact, there is even a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

In an interview with BuzzFeed News via Twitter direct message which Dorothy was supposedly accessing via her cousin’s dying iPod, she refused to state the specifics regarding the appliance model she tweeted from and called the line of questioning “rude.”

That’s not saying that the tweets were certainly a hoax. There are simply questions that have yet to be answered as to how the tweets were even possible. As for LG, the company has so far not answered any questions about how the tweet appeared from one of their smart refrigerators.

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