If you are a writer, you probably use devices to do your writing work most of the time, whether you write novels, online content, or other content. Sometimes you might get an idea while you are on the subway and if you don't have your computer with you, the probabilities are you might forget your idea. 

Alternatively, you may like using the time you use commuting to do your writing. In both cases, the trick to curbing this is to have your mobile devices ready to do the job for you. So, here are five writing apps available to use on mobile phones.

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Edubirdie is a writing service for college students: term papers, thesis, dissertation, college essays, and just anything that you can think, online expert writers can do the job for you. You can purchase the upgraded version if your work requirement is such. 

It is lightweight and very simple and comes with a few pretty handy features. Its greatest strength is that Edubirdie has not limited distractions because it basically has many other options or flashy features besides writing. 

To take this a little further, you can solely focus on the paragraph or sentence you are working on by fading out other parts. This gives you the ability to focus on one section and move to another when you are done. If you lack time and face difficulty in using apps to do your writing work, you can easily correct your essay to manage your time better. This service is really helpful for students who don't have enough time to complete their college assignments.


INKredible is a notepad that allows you to write freehand seamlessly and effortlessly. This app fills the void of pen and paper to jot down ideas and draw mind maps when the situation requires. INKredible has an interface that is very easy to use and understand you have to admit that it's kind of makes you feel nostalgic. 

The reason behind that is because it makes it feel like you are actually using a pen and paper to write down. When you long-press and drag your finger, the line gets thicker, making it feel like you spread ink on the paper. 

If you quick-touch it, you will get a thin faint line making the experience surreal. These are some of its features amongst a few others.


Evernote is one of the best writing apps and it is very helpful for keeping your work safely stored. Lists, ideas, reminder - it has everything that you need. Notes on paper and mobile devices often get lost or misplaced so you need a better solution. Evernote uses a cloud storage feature which makes your work stay safe for future purposes. 

It has unlimited storage and their paid versions come with extra benefits. Some of those benefits include more storage, more syncing and offline access to saved notes. When you are doing research and find notes, you will like to use or reference you can use the web clipper to keep them handy.

In the digital age, storing data has never been easier. Be it anything. For example, you can remember your persuasive essay topics easier when you keep them stashed safely using Evernote.

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Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is a very powerful tool for most writers for them to get the perfect final draft of their work. You can use it to fine-tune your work and make it easier to scan through, read through and easier to understand. It notifies you of lengthy or complicated sentences and suggests to you to split or simply your sentences. 

Hemingway Editor also identifies passive voice and prompts you to change it and use a more active voice. However, writing on the online editor is not recommended because your data is not backed up in cloud storage, so if your browser crashes, you're doomed.

Story Tracker Lite

Story Tracker Lite is a useful app bringing great benefit for busy writers handling different projects at a time. It helps you track your work and organizes your tasks, especially about your deadlines and submissions. You know exactly which work to submit at what time which allows you to be punctual with your submissions. 

You can also keep track of maximum word counts and this is especially useful if you are juggling a lot of projects at the same time. You can keep a copy of your past work on its database for safekeeping even after you have submitted it. Using Story Tracker Lite, you can enter your work's details and amend it at any time.

You can also track how well you have done on that week or month, which can motivate you to do better. Also, you can protect your data using a password lock. 


With these best apps for writers, writing becomes incredibly easy. You don't need to keep a notebook and pen or always have your laptop on you because you can just easily use your cell phone. 

Keep your data safe by keeping it locked and secure in cloud storage using tools that have that feature. Also, keep track of all your work and have a reminder for your pending submissions, write down details of the project and know what work needs to be prioritized.

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