New details about Apple's upcoming hardware, which the company is expected to unveil this September, just came out, giving everyone a first glimpse at what Apple has in store for this year's crop of iPhones, iPads, and the MacBook line.

Details such as these always find a way to bubble up the surface before fall arrives, so they should perhaps come as no surprise.

Bloomberg's report includes details at the new hardware, including "Pro" iPhones that'll replace the current XS and XS Max, upgraded iPads and iPad Pro models, plus a larger 16-inch MacBook Pro.

New iPhones

First up, the new iPhones, about which there have been tons of rumors. The three-camera setup speculation has been floating around of late, but Bloomberg has discovered several more details. Apparently, the new iPhone will feature reverse-wireless charging similar to Samsung's most recent phones, plus a wider-angle Face ID sensor for easier face unlocks. It's still not clear when Apple is going to announce the new models, but considering Bloomberg's report is laden with details, an announcement may not be too far off.

Customers can also expect a successor to the iPhone XR, the cheapest of the iPhone bunch. The new iteration will apparently get a second rear camera and be called simply "iPhone 11" as opposed to the main models, which will adopt "Pro" as their new suffixes. The report also notes that the removal of 3D Touch is imminent, with Apple allegedly shifting to Haptic Touch instead.

New iPads

Next, the iPads. These upgrades will directly follow the refreshed iPad Air and Mini release earlier this year. The report says the main iPad model will get bumped to a 10.2-inch display, while the two iPad Pro models will get the expected processor and camera upgrades.

New MacBook Pro

As for the rumored MacBook upgrade, Apple has apparently shaved even more bezels off its flagship laptop and in so doing crammed a 16 inches of screen space in the same frame of its current 15-inchers. This is a clever move, as there's a thirst for a big-screen MacBook, fueled largely when Apple removed its 17-inch MacBook option out of the lineup.

New Apple Watch, Too?

Bloomberg notes there may be an Apple Watch upgrade as well, but this isn't certain. A new AirPods model is another possibility, with noise canceling and improved water resistance as the likely upgrades supposing the refresh is true. In any case, make sure to check back with Tech Times as we learn more.

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