The iPhone SE is due for a much-anticipated comeback, and that may happen as soon as 2020, according to new reports.

There's just one caveat, though. It may not be what people expect it's going to be. Apple is supposedly preparing its first mid-range offering since the iPhone SE, with an expected launch this coming spring.

iPhone SE 2 In The Works

According to a new report from Nikkei, the Cupertino brand is apparently looking to reclaim spots lost in markets such as China and India to other, more popular mid-range phone makers, including Huawei, Samsung, and Xiaomi. This report aligns with another one published earlier this year by Economic Daily News.

The device in question would cost $400 or less, according to Nikkei. It would be positioned as the successor to the iPhone SE, which first came out in 2016 and retains a strong following among Apple fans who prefer its smaller screen and more compact design. The phone is tipped to have a 4.7-inch LCD, similar to the iPhone 8, and much like its predecessor, come equipped with components of this year's batch of iPhones, including the A13 chip.

Is It Still Fair To Call It The iPhone SE?

The main selling point of the iPhone SE is that it was a smaller iPhone with updated internals — modern goods congested into a traditional form factor that's friendlier to small hands. If the aforementioned screen size turns out to be true, however, it's hard to say people will love it just as much as they love the original one.

Assuming Nikkei's report is accurate, the iPhone SE sequel may look just like the iPhone 8. Holdouts of Apple's older iPhone design, tough luck. That may never come back. Despite this, it's a smart move. It will allow Apple to pull all its older Touch ID models from the lineup but still offer a budget phone packed with modern performance.

In any case, this phone will reportedly arrive sometime during early 2020 and sport an LCD, as mentioned. The pricier iPhone models, with the exception of the iPhone XR, all feature OLED panels. The device could sport a single-lens camera and boast 128 GB of onboard storage, as well.

Rumors about a sequel to the iPhone SE have been swirling around since 2018. Although Apple's flagship models are performing well in terms of sales, The Verge opined a while back that the company needs to out a much cheaper phone to be able to effectively compete in developing markets, such as India.

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