Users: iPhone 6s Touch ID Is 'Blazingly Fast'


The iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus have started shipping on Sept. 25 and customers who have received their iPhone are already praising the fastness of the smartphones.

Touch ID is a finger recognition feature that Apple has designed and released in its devices. Touch ID replaces passcodes to unlock a phone and the feature allows users to unlock their devices instantaneously with a simple tap on the home button. With Touch ID, users can also make purchases in Apple's digital stores such as iTunes, iBookstore and the App Store with a tap. Touch ID also allows customers to make payment securely via Apple Pay.

"Touch ID is a seamless way to use your fingerprint as a passcode," stated on an Apple support page. "With just a touch of your device's Home button, the Touch ID sensor quickly reads your fingerprint and automatically unlocks your phone."

Touch ID debuted in the iPhone 5s which was released in September 2013. Now the feature has become an integral part of iPhones and iPads. The first-gen Touch ID was quite fast but the latest Touch IDs in the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus are even faster.

The new Touch ID can scan thumb impressions two times faster. The home button responsiveness of the latest iPhones is also faster than its predecessors.

A Reddit user who has received the newest iPhone 6s has commented that the "iPhone 6s Touch ID is blazingly fast."

"Just received my new iPhone 6s a couple hours ago. I've been trying out the TouchID sensor and it's ridiculously fast, just like the TV ad shows," says the Redditor. "In fact, I can't even press the home button to view the clock without unlocking the phone. Well done, Apple."

"Touch ID is so fast now I don't get a chance to just check the lock screen notification. One quick tap and I'm at the home screen, which is awesome if that is what I'm after but annoying when it isn't," added another Reddit user.

During the Apple event on Sept. 9 this year, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, said that iPhones are not only the most popular but the most loved smartphones in the world. Cook also added that the latest iPhones are the most advanced iPhones the company has ever produced worldwide.

The Touch ID feature of iPhones is definitely something, which many customers love and the sophisticated technology behind the feature is something that the rivals envy. 

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