Apple HomePods will be updated with new features this fall. One such update could help its users relax with the Ambient Sounds feature.

Ambient Sounds

This week, Apple updated the HomePod product page to feature some updates it will be getting this coming fall. One of the updates it will be getting is the Ambient Sound feature. While there are no further details regarding the feature, it is quite likely that the feature will allow users to play relaxing sounds such as ocean waves, rainstorms, and forest birds just by asking Siri.

Playing ambient sounds or white noise is not exactly new to HomePods, but as of now, users can only AirPlay them from another iOS device. With the new feature, however, it will be a first-party feature that is fully integrated with Siri. Users will no longer need another iOS device to play ambient sounds, but need only to ask Siri to play them.

Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa also have similar features.

New HomePod Features

By Sept. 30, the HomePod will also have the Radio Stations Feature which will let users listen to the radio without having to stream from their phones. With the new feature, users can just ask Siri to play one of over 100,000 radio stations.

Later this fall, users will also be able to easily cast off a song or even a call from their phones straight to their HomePod, and the HopePod will seamlessly continue to play whatever it is that was playing on the phone.

Also coming later in the fall is a feature that will let families maximize the use of their HomePod. Soon, HomePod will be able to distinguish up to six different voices, and each member will have their own personalized and unique experience with Siri. They can make personal requests, pick music based on their own preferences, and even access their own messages.

“This is how you command a room,” Apple notes. It looks like HomePod users will have many new experiences with their devices this coming fall.

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