Microsoft is evidently working on hardware for foldables as well. A recent patent filing shows that the company is developing a foldable clamshell design with liquid-filled hinges.

Microsoft Patent

A recent patent filing by Microsoft reveals that the company may be working on its own dual-screen, foldable device. The diagrams show a foldable clamshell design with a flexible display and liquid-filled hinges, possibly to reduce stress when the device is opened and shut. What’s more, having it filled with liquid also prevents dust and other particles from entering the unit, an issue that Samsung dealt with in the Galaxy Fold by adding additional reinforcements to its foldable device.

It is worth noting, however, that the patent was filed by Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC, which could mean that the design is not being patented for a specific Microsoft device but instead will be licensed to other technology developers. As such, it is unlikely that Microsoft will unveil a surprise foldable device on its Oct. 2 event.

Foldable Devices

Foldable devices seem to be the latest craze in smartphones, but it is something that companies are still working on. Quite unlike the foldable phones of the past, designs are much more complicated because the devices have to fold in the middle of the flexible screen and still be perfectly functional and seamless.

Just like with the old clamshell phones, however, importance is placed on making sure that the devices can withstand constant folding and unfolding. In fact, even Samsung updated their foldable smartphone to increase its durability.

It may be too early to say for now, but Microsoft may be onto something good with liquid-filled hinges. Whether it is for the company’s dual-screen Surface Pro code-named “Centaurus” or something else altogether, only time will tell what Microsoft has in mind for its liquid-filled hinges.

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