A possible sequel to the popular Batman: Arkham series may be secretly in the works based on a recent tweet from WB Games Montréal.

The Canadian video game developer posted a video clip on Twitter to celebrate Batman Day. While the message was meant to honor the Caped Crusader in his 80th anniversary, some dedicated fans couldn't help but feel that there's more to it than meets the eye.

Possible Batman: Arkham Sequel?

The short 30-second teaser clip appears simple enough at first glance, with the iconic Bat-Signal being beamed onto the side of a building at night.

However, once the video reaches the three-second mark, an image suddenly flashes on screen but only for a split second. Another image will pop up again at the 13-second mark, and finally a third image appears at the 21-second mark. The clip then resumes to just showing the Caped Crusader's symbol.

What Does It All Mean?

It's still unclear what WB Games wanted to tell with the video, but fans already have a few speculations in mind.

When one Twitter user asked what the three symbols are for, @NYCWallSpider answered that there were actually four different images shown in the clip. Two of them apparently flashed at the same time, making it difficult to spot them separately. However, they were two distinct symbols from one another.

@NYCWallSpider took note of the last image, which he thought looked very "demonic."

Meanwhile, @DT_1000 claimed that a couple of the symbols shown may have been taken from the nefarious Court of Owls organization that appeared during the Batman: Night of the Owls storyline in the comic books. He believes that it may be WB Games teasing about the long-rumored Batman: Arkham game that could feature the Court of Owls as the main villain.

However, another commenter quickly shot down @DT_1000's claim, pointing out that the image appeared more like that of a demon and that none of the symbols were of an owl.

In DC comics, the demon symbol is more closely associated with the supervillain Ra's Al Ghul, whose name is Arabic for "head of the demon." He is known to be the founder and long-time leader of another shadowy organization, the League of Assassins.

Twitter user @Qwertlocke3 offered a very interesting take on the teaser video, suggesting that the symbols may be referring to a potential gang war between the Court of Owls and the League of Assassins.

Whatever storyline WB Games Montréal may have in store for its upcoming game, it looks like fans are excited to know that there's a possible new Batman: Arkham title in development. It's been four long years since an Arkham game made it to the PC and consoles with the release of Batman: Arkham Knight in 2015.

Since the game developer has yet to confirm its future plans for the series, gamers can only wait and see what's in store for the Caped Crusader.

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