The Disney+ video streaming service that's just right around the corner is now available for preorder. Interested users may sign up now for a monthly subscription at $7 a month or an annual plan at $70.

For those who want more than just Disney+, there's also a bundle available at $13 a month that includes ESPN+ and ad-supported Hulu on top of a Disney+ subscription. This, however, won't be a viable option until Nov. 12, the streaming service's release date.

Disney+ Subscriptions

No matter which of those users pick, all of the tiers will renew automatically unless otherwise prevented manually. But like on any major streaming platform, users will have the option to cancel at any time before each renewal date. Oh, and a special bonus: all new Disney+ customers get a seven-day free trial to check the thing out.

Disney+ is rife with anticipation, especially from members of the cord-cutting community. Although the streaming landscape is becoming more and more fragmented, more options can be a good thing. There is still the question of the streaming becoming so segmented that people go back to pirating, but that's a topic for another day. The thing is, Disney is confident it'll make a splash, and it certainly has the content to back this up — it owns Marvel, ABC, 21st Century Fox, making for some killer library of TV shows and movies. Netflix should be scared.

Disney+ Content Library

Disney+ will eventually be the only streaming service from where users can access Disney's most popular franchises. That includes every film from Pixar, the entire Star Wars series, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and so many more. In fact, the service will launch with a selection of Marvel titles plus some live-action Disney movies. Disney+ will also host Disney Channel shows and films, including all episodes of The Simpsons. Rumors also say old Marvel animated shows will hit the service as well.

Like any major streaming platform, Disney+ will feature original content, and there are a lot in the pipeline, including the first-ever live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian plus Marvel shows that will tie directly into the MCU. Disney+ will also roll out a bevy of family-oriented films, such as a live-action adaptation of the classic Lady and the Tramp.

Visit the Disney+ website to subscribe.

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