There's a way to subscribe to Disney+ at a discounted rate even before the much-anticipated service launches this November. This trick will only work for folks in the United States, though.

Disney is currently allowing members of its D23 fan club, which anyone can be part for free, to preorder the service at a pretty sizable discount. From this writing up until Sept. 2, the company is offering a "Founder's Circle" deal for the service that cuts a whopping $23 off its annual price, bringing the monthly subscription fee down to just $3.92.

Disney+ Deal Brings Down Subscription To $4 A Month

There is, however, a catch. To get this deal, the user must commit to three years' worth of subscription at once, which comes out $141. That's a big risk, considering the service hasn't even launched yet, therefore, it's not clear just how robust the experience of using it is. Content-wise, though, folks shouldn't worry — Disney has one of, if not the most jam-packed library in the entertainment business, and it plans to use that treasure trove to bolster its first foray into video streaming.

Disney+ will cost $7 a month when it launches on Nov. 12. This deal was originally available to paying D23 members only, but now, everyone's eligible to get it. To do so, sign up to be a member, and then wait for the offer to pop up on the account.

How To Get This Deal

For those who are already D23 members, it should be waiting already. New signups should expect up to 36 hours for the offer link to appear in their D23 account page, according to Disney. The company will send a link via email once the offer is available, as well.

A word of caution: a lot of people seem to be taking advantage of this deal as of this writing, which, needless to say, is probably what's making the site so slow and sluggish. For those who are having trouble getting the site to load, perhaps it's best to try later tonight when the traffic slows down. That's not a guarantee, though. More people are bound to know about this deal from here on out, so expect a heavy influx moving forward. That said, no harm in trying. Alternatively, users can also visit this page to sign up, which seems to be working.

Disney+ launches Nov. 12, as mentioned. It aims to take on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other behemoths of the streaming game. With an empire of wildly popular and iconic content, Disney has a shot at dethroning its opponents.

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