The upcoming Sony PlayStation 5 Pro is going to be released alongside its standard console model, according to the latest rumors.

In a recent YouTube video, Japanese video game journalist Zenji Nishikawa talked about the possible future of Sony's latest and most powerful gaming console to date, the PlayStation 5. He speculated that the device will likely debut along with its PS5 Pro counterpart.

If Nishikawa's report proves true, then it would mean that Sony would be ditching its usual practice of releasing a standard game console first. This will be followed by a slimmer version of the model and then a more powerful professional version somewhere down the line.

Sony recently did this with the introduction of the PlayStation 4, where the company rolled out the basic console first in 2013 followed by a PS4 "slim" and a high-end PS4 Pro in 2016.

PlayStation 5 Pro Rumor

Nishikawa's report can still be considered a rumor at this point, especially since Sony has yet to release any details regarding the PS5 Pro and its possible release date.

However, the veteran tech journalist does have a history of coming out with nearly spot-on predictions in the past, such as the PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch Lite's debuts. He said the PS5 Pro could fetch around $100- to $150 more than the standard game console.

As far as Sony's possible reasoning for offering the PS5 Pro alongside its basic model, Nishikawa believes the company is likely acknowledging gamers' interest in such a high-end console and wants to provide them with what they want right off the bat.

Possible PS5 Pro Specs

So far, no one knows exactly how powerful the PlayStation 5 Pro would be since the standard console hasn't even come out yet. However, judging from the PS5's announced specifications, the Pro version could very well be a beast of a machine once it is released.

The basic PS5 model will reportedly come with a 8-core AMD processor based on the third-generation Ryzen architecture. It will also have a graphics processing unit along the lines of the Radeon Navi GPU series and a built-for-purpose SSD storage system.

The upcoming Sony console will provide support for backwards compatibility with PlayStation 4 games, as well as PSVR hardware. It will also be able to handle 8K TV presentation and 3D audio.

Sony top brass Mark Cerny, the guy behind the construction of the PS4, is serving as the head of development for the next-generation game console.

There's no official word yet on when the PlayStation 5 will be released, but some observers believe it's going to come out sometime between 2020 and 2021.

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