The launch of Apple's newest software update for Macs seems to be imminent. The macOS Catalina update could launch on Oct. 4, at least according to Apple's Danish website.

While the website doesn't explicitly state that the update is coming that day, it does confirm that Apple Arcade will arrive on Macs on that specific date. Apple Arcade, which is Apple's new Netflix-but-for-games subscription service, requires macOS Catalina to function on Macs.

Putting two and two together, if Apple Arcade was indeed to launch Oct. 4, then logically, macOS Catalina will have to available by then, as it's a macOS Catalina exclusive.

macOS Catalina Release Date

MacRumors first spotted the date, which can still be seen on the website in question. The website teases "Exceptional gameplay. Find it in the App Store from October 4." Apple Arcade can be accessed via the Mac App Store.

The only problem with the Oct. 4 launch date is that it's been a while since Apple released a software update on a Friday, as most recent ones have been released either on a Monday or a Tuesday. The last time Friday release was for Snow Leopard, which came out a decade ago.

Apple never once mentioned that releasing on a Monday or Tuesday was a hard rule. It could be unusual to switch back to a Friday release, which is to say the company could launch macOS Catalina earlier in the week, then release Apple Arcade afterward. Still, as MacRumors notes, there'd be no reason why Apple Arcade wouldn't be available immediately.

Until this leak, Apple had not hinted at a release date for macOS Catalina except for a vague "fall" release schedule. The Danish website can certainly be incorrect, but an October release is pretty likely, all things considered. Just recently, Apple released the ninth developer beta and eighth public beta of macOS Catalina. At this point, a release date is in the offing.

macOS Catalina

Apart from Apple Arcade, macOS brings several new updates to the Mac platform. It will see the official farewell of iTunes as Apple splits the app into three: Music, Podcasts, and TV. It also includes Mac Catalyst, which is Apple's technology that allows developers to port iPad apps to macOS. It also brings a bevy of new features to existing services, such as Reminders, Notes, and many others.

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