Uber Works
(Photo : Uber Blog) Through the Uber Works app, job seekers can find available jobs in customer service, manual labor, cooking, and cleaning. There, they can find significant information on the potential employer, including the working hours and attire requirements.

Uber’s new app aims to help people find available work that suits their needs.

With Uber Works, users can get the information they need about a potential job in their area, and employers will be able to hire qualified employees.

Uber Works

Uber announced a new app called Uber Works that can help people find jobs in cleaning, customer service, cooking, and manual labor. The app works similar to a staffing agency where users will be able to easily compare the different job availabilities as well as factors such as working hours, locations, shifts, conditions, and even the required attire. Through the app, workers will also be able to clock in and out and even log break times, then they will be paid through third-party staffing agencies TalentBurst or TrueBlue.

Employers can also benefit from the app because the users looking for work through it will have to undergo a background check as well as an in-person screening, ensuring that the employers can hire qualified employees.

According to Uber, Uber Works will help workers to feel more empowered and confident. The efficient marketplace will also help support businesses by eliminating problems such as scheduling, seasonal variations, and staff increases due to unexpected demand.

Technology-First Approach

Uber Works is currently only available in Chicago and there, Uber has partnered with businesses, local groups, and even community and faith-based organizations. The company is also working on expanding its educational partnership so that users searching for jobs on the platform can further their knowledge through online classes.

“We believe a new, technology-first approach can provide faster and easier means for people to get work, while offering greater insight into the many opportunities for work that are out there,” Uber said.

Simply put, Uber Works is a new, technology-based means by which job searchers can easily look for opportunities that suit their needs, while businesses can also lessen the usual hiring headaches. While a little unusual especially coming from Uber, many people will certainly appreciate the additional opportunity to find work.

So far, no word if or when Uber Works will be available outside of Chicago.

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