Windows 10 KB4524147 Update
(Photo : Gerd Altmann | Pixabay) The latest Windows 10 KB4524147 update has just been released in the hopes of addressing several issues with a previous patch. However, some users are already reporting new problems related to the update, particularly with their Start menu.

Several Windows 10 users are reporting that the latest KB4524147 update for the operating system is causing booting issues in some PCs.

Microsoft rolled out the cumulative update last week in the hopes of fixing a printing bug that came with a previous patch.

"This is a required security update that expands the out-of-band update dated September 23, 2019," the company wrote on its update page.

"This security update includes the Internet Explorer scripting engine security vulnerability (CVE-2019-1367) mitigation and corrects a recent printing issue some users have experienced."

While the release did address the printing issues, it supposedly caused the Start menu on certain computers to break.

Broken Start Menu

The issue came to light after several Windows 10 users posted on Reddit and Microsoft's community page. Many commenters said the KB4524147 update keeps killing the Start menu on their PCs.

Community member ParthaDip claimed that every time they try to open the Start button, a critical error message always pops up, telling them that the menu is not working and that they need to sign out.

To solve the problem, ParthaDip said they tried reinstalling their Windows Store apps through PowerShell, restarting Search service, restarting Explorer process, as well as other troubleshooting steps. However, none of them seemed to work.

They were only able to fix the problem by uninstalling the entire KB4524147 update, which they believe is not the best solution. They've reported the problem to Microsoft.

Fellow user VESF said their problem was a little bit different from ParthaDip's. After installing the cumulative update, they said they don't receive any error messages, but their Start menu and Action Center fail to open.

They said they tried uninstalling the update to address the problem, but it didn't work for them.

Other Issues With KB4524147

Aside from the Start menu issues, some users also complained about other problems they've encountered after installing the KB4524147 update.

Redditor biggz124 said their Windows Search option still doesn't work, despite the latest cumulative update.

This was echoed by user Chaori, who said that they've been having problems with the web results in Windows Search. They've already declined the last three OS updates Microsoft has released since they all appear to break Search.

Chaori added that the Search issue is not even listed as a known problem for the OS. It has become so frustrating that they are now wondering whether Microsoft is deliberately ignoring the issue to force people to use web search.

Meanwhile, barneylerten commented that they are still having problems with their printer after the update. They said the system isn't allowing them to print via Chrome or Metapad.

There's also a documented incident where one user couldn't install the Windows 10 KB4524147 update at all. When they tried to update their OS, they encountered "Error 0x800f0988."

So far, there's no word from Microsoft whether it is aware of the issues with KB4524147. The company has yet to update its release page related to the Start menu issues reported by Windows 10 users.

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