OnePlus 8 Leak
(Photo : CashKaro | OnLeaks) An early leak for the OnePlus suggests it’ll have a hole-punch display and wireless charging. But are these enough to lure customers in, or will OnePlus need to offer something more?

The next OnePlus flagship could sport a hole-punch display similar to Samsung's more recent phones, a design OnePlus has never used previously.

This early leak comes just as the OnePlus 7T is about to ship.

Often reliable tipster OnLeaks and CashKaro have published what they say are images of the OnePlus 8, or more specifically, renders based on schematics from a "company insider."

OnePlus 8 Leak

The design reveals OnePlus might revert to more conventional design on the back, with a clean, straightforward layout that puts a triple-camera array in the middle. Elsewhere, however, the company might introduce some pretty big changes.

For example, if this "leak" turns out to be true, the OnePlus 8 will have a 6.5-inch curved display with a hole-punch selfie camera up top, a radical shift from the notch of the OnePlus 7T or the pop-up camera of the OnePlus 7 Pro.

To be sure, a hole-punch display has been done before, making this design unoriginal. Even still, it would mark the first time OnePlus has ever ventured into hole-punch designs and represent an aesthetic bump from the "basic" OnePlus 7T.

OnePlus 8 Specs

Unfortunately, the leak doesn't say much beyond design. Specs are still nebulous at this point, but that's understandable given how far off the OnePlus 8 probably is, still. There would be one likely addition, though: wireless charging. OnePlus has so far skipped this feature in favor of faster, more traditional wired charging, but pressure from competing phones might have just pushed it over the edge.

Expect the OnePlus 8 to have top-tier specs, of course, as do other OnePlus handsets. The company is famous for making flagship-level handsets at mid-tier prices, although the price point has gone up in recent years, much to the frustration of longtime OnePlus fans who've relied on the brand.

Is That All?

Of course, it's still too early to know when the OnePlus 8 is going to come out, but phones these days commit to a yearly release schedule, so it's safe to assume this one is hitting shelves sometime in 2020. Given the 6.5-inch screen, there could be two variants of this phone, the other one being a "Pro" version with beefier specs and other extras. The question is whether or not OnePlus can put other things beyond wireless charging and a hole-punch display to attract customers.

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