Project GEM
(Photo : Andy Rubin | Twitter) Android cofounder and Essential CEO Andy Rubin just teased the company's next smartphone.

Android cofounder Andy Rubin just posted on Twitter what could be Essential's next smartphone.

The details are thin at the moment, and there isn't much known about it, except that it has a "radically different form factor." In other words, it's really tall. It's even taller than Sony's 4K-equipped Xperia 1, which caught the attention of plenty of folks with its height.

Essential PH-1's Successor

Rubin tweeted a few photos and a clip that shows off the smartphone maker's upcoming device. One image and a short video exhibit what he calls "GEM Colorshift material" on the back of the product. The name is pretty straightforward in which the color and shade changes depending on the angle it's being viewed. Speaking of the rear, it seems to have a fingerprint reader and a single camera.

The other two pictures showcase a new, elongated user interface. They paint a clear picture of their size as well, and in Rubin's hand, the device looks really small. A volume rocker and power button can also be seen on the right side.

Back in December, Essential discontinued the Essential PH-1. It did promise a successor then, and now this could be the first look at it.

Project GEM

The official Essential Twitter account also posted images of the smartphone with the hashtag #ProjectGEM, saying that it aims to "reframe your perspective on mobile." Apparently, it's already in early testing.

Rubin is among the cofounders of Android, as noted, and is the founder and CEO of Essential. Of late, he has been the subject of controversy after he reportedly received a $90 million severance package from Google while being on the receiving end of sexual misconduct allegations.

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