Destiny 2
(Photo : PlayStation | YouTube) Destiny 2 players have discovered a way to use the Telesto rifle to charge their character's Super ability. The game exploit forced Bungie to temporarily pull the weapon from all activities.

Bungie was forced to pull a popular Destiny 2 gun after players found an exploit that would allow them to rapidly charge their Super ability.

In a recent Twitter post, the company announced that it has temporarily disabled players' access to the Telesto rifle in all in-game activities. It was revealed that an exploit allowed gamers to supercharge their attack without having to engage opponents.

Telesto Rifle Exploit

The issue involves the Telesto and how it relates to Destiny 2's Ashes to Assets armor perk. Some gamers discovered that shooting a few rifle rounds at the floor while using the perk and then tossing a grenade at the resulting projectiles inexplicably recharged their character's Super ability.

The exploit gave players an unfair advantage, especially during competitive matches, as it allowed them to launch powerful attacks at their opponents mere seconds into the game.

There's no word yet on when Bungie plans to reinstate the Telesto rifle, but some observers think it won't take long for the company to address the issue. A fix could be released as early as the next Destiny 2 Tuesday reset.

However, the timing couldn't have come at a worse time for players. Xur, the mysterious in-game merchant, had been selling the highly coveted Telesto right before it was pulled from the game.

Destiny 2 is also running the first of the three scheduled Iron Banner tournaments this season until Tuesday, Oct. 22.

If Bungie had not disabled the overpowered rifle, players would have been able to get the weapon easily and enjoyed a massive advantage over others during the tournament.

Balancing In-Game Weapons And Items

Game makers have had their fair share of problems when it comes to implementing balanced weapons and items in their video games. The issue is more common in popular titles, such as Destiny 2, since these games often rely on numerous game modes and equipment combos to help make matches more competitive.

Once developers discover an imbalanced weapon or item, they often release an appropriate fix as soon as possible to avoid ruining people's gaming experience. However, observers expect the Telesto debacle to have a more significant impact to the game, even if Bungie were to come out with a quick fix.

Earlier this month, gamers found another Destiny 2 exploit, this time involving a boss battle in the Shadowkeep's Garden of Salvation raid.

By throwing a Hunter's smoke grenade right next to one of the bottomless pits, players could make the raid's boss, The Consecrated Mind, focus on the item instead of them. This would then cause the enemy to walk backward until it falls into the pit, killing itself in the process.

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