(Photo : Pixabay) The best VPN services include fast connection, privacy hack protection, device security, and so on.

With the development of the Internet network, such a concept as a VPN penetrates deeper into the life of a regular user. Today one can hardly imagine a company or corporation that does not use VPNs to work. In the present time, the market has a number of good services to offer. The best VPN services base upon a similar feature set: fast connection, privacy hack protection, device security, and so on.

Natural questions appear: "how to find the fine VPN provider with great performance?", "what datum must be used within an easy test?", "will the VPN violate the policy of my country if I log on?". We have observed three popular services (ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, and NordVPN), tested their speed, access, and download ability, IP and DNS address characteristics, compatibility with iOS and Android devices, free and paid features to limit your search and decide which one deserves your money next month.

Read the article through and choose the VPN that pleases all your demands. All the above mentioned VPNs are paid, you can also explore the options through best free VPN softwares which are totally reliable and trustworthy:

NordVPN features and characteristics

NordVPN usually gets the highest grade when it goes about privacy and network security. It does not keep logs. It offers the finest encryption algorithms, including military ones, CyberSec technology protects from web threads, double encryption through the Double VPN technology, and collaboration with the Tor browser. Here are at least five features to consider:

● Obfuscate servers not only encrypt data but hide the fact of applying VPN by disguising the traffic as a simple HTTPS. In other words, one cannot track VPN usage. It is a perfect decision in such countries as China, where all VPN services are banned.

● DoubleVPN (traffic passes through two servers, each one provides encryption), Onion Over VPN (collaboration with Tor anonymizer), and AES-256 technologies ensure the highest ratios of encryption.

● CyberSec (malware and spy protection), KillSwitch (instant network disconnect after VPN connection failure), and DNS leak protection ensure a secure connection.

● P2P friendliness and SmartPlay setting let access the majority of stream resources.

The software is compatible with all platforms (Windows, macOS) and devices. Also, a user can find tutorials about the manual setup of the app on the website. However, the speed leaves much to be desired and appears to be the weakest side of the provider compared to the best VPN services. Any server in the US is vulnerable to speed losses during peak hours. Also, there is no option to connect to the exact server in the exact city. The price range appears from $4 to $12 per month, depending on the subscription plan with an ability to run up to 6 devices simultaneously.

NordVPN Official Website

ExpressVPN features and characteristics

ExpressVPN is another VPN that is able to win the top places in VPN charts. Having perfect statistics and world coverage (94 countries), the provider, as it goes from its name, provides the finest speed on the market. The most remarkable merits are:

● Excellent client support that works 24/7 and easy-to-understand software and application interface.

● Throttling-Free Servers technology will be in use by online gamers and streamers. It means that a user gets access to 30 exclusive dedicated fast servers.

● The widest range of offers: applications on any device, in-built instruments that boost security, browser extensions, and an ability to buy a router with built-in software.

● Modern encryption technologies let the software keep up with its competitors in the security battlefield.

● Thirty days of refund guarantee.

Concerning the disadvantages, the first one to mention is partial anonymity. Although the application holds your Internet traffic private, it still keeps some connection logs. Unfortunately, the high-speed ratios the company tries to bid for affects the price. It varies from $6,60/month for the longest subscription to about $13 for a 1-month offer. Setting choice leaves much to be desired. However, the provider can stream and beat China Firewall.

ExpressVPN Official Website

CyberGhost features and characteristics

This company is registered in Romania, which is its big advantage: the country is not a member of the "14 eyes club" (it does not share intelligence data). Moreover, it does not keep logs at all. Here are some advantages to consider when using CyberGhost:

● It is easy to add an application, create an account, and start using the VPN.

● A customer can include up to 7 devices into one subscription plan, the highest ratio in our top.

● DNS and IP leak protection are on a high level. The main servers are situated in Romania, making them safer.

● Average world coverage (60 countries) is compensated by an outstanding number of available servers (up to 3700).

● Cross-platform features with full access to streaming services.

● It has an automatic connection block and protection from malware and file losses.

Unfortunately, there is a significant disadvantage that does not let us recommend this service to literally everyone. China's Great Firewall is an obstacle. The interface of the desktop application can seem overloaded. Speed ratios are high, but not the finest in the market. This VPN will cost you from 2,45 Euros to 12 Euros per month, depending on the subscription plan.

CyberGhost VPN Official Website


Every service you have just read about has its unique advantages. It means that the final choice depends on your initial demands:

1. If the speed is everything, you do not need full-metal protection, and ready to pay a little bit more ExpressVPN is your choice.

2. If you care about security and the question of anonymity is the most essential, NordVPN will please you.

3. If you are looking for a happy medium with wide possibilities and you do not live in China, CyberGhost is what you need.

4. You can also find the best vpns reddit users recommend in 2021 (safe & fast) on VPNwelt website.

As these are the best VPNs in the modern market, any choice will be a considerable addition to your online activity.

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