The Surface Neo is coming out Holiday of 2020, but it won't be the only dual-screen laptop that will be hitting the market.
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Microsoft has revealed its hand for next year, and an exciting new product will be coming. Microsoft's Surface Neo brings dual-screen goodness in a laptop package. 

This groundbreaking device features two 9" screens with multi-touch capabilities. They are joined together by a hinge that allows the screens to revolve around it at 360 degrees. Armed with a touch pen and a keyboard, the Surface Neo will give a new, revolutionary experience to computing. No laptop has ever been this flexible.

Microsoft is also developing an entirely new OS for the system—the Windows 10X. Using the same system like Windows 10, the 10X will be optimized for dual-screen use. The Windows 10X will not be just for dual-screen devices, apparently. A leaked document shows that it will be rolling out to traditional laptop designs as well.

Windows 10X is part of the OneCore tech that Microsoft is developing. The OneCore idea is to develop the core functionalities of the Windows 10 system and roll it out to other devices aside from desktops and laptops.

Joe Belfiore, head of Windows Experience, says of the 10X: "Our intent here is that fans of Windows 10 will be able to use Windows 10X with no learning curve." He adds, "What we're building is an evolution of where we've been going with Windows 10, and it's OneCore tech."

Not a one-man show

Although Microsoft's Surface Neo features innovative design and groundbreaking technology, it won't be the only dual-screen laptop in the market. It turns out that four other manufacturers will also be developing their own dual-screen laptops, all using Microsoft's Windows 10X OS.

ASUS, Dell, HP, and Lenovo will each have their dual-screen laptops, although none of them will be releasing before Fall 2020. Meanwhile, the Surface Neo is set to release on the Holidays of 2020.

Earlier this year, Lenovo unveiled a demo of a laptop with foldable displays. The foldable Thinkpad features an OLED 2K display made in collaboration with LG Display. Foldable displays are an absent feature of the Surface Neo, and Lenovo might be using this feature as its Ace for the upcoming dual-screen laptop wars.

Microsoft has so far not revealed any specs of any of the planned dual-screen laptops, but they will all be using Windows 10X.

Work on the go

The concept of dual-screen laptops evolved from the need to work on the go. More and more people are required to do their jobs remotely—at home, in cafes, or even on the road. Thus, devices that could help people remain productive even outside of their desks become more commonplace.

The dual-screen laptops combine the functionalities of a traditional desktop computer and the flexibility and ease of use of tablets. Having two screens allow users to multitask, work with references, and have multiple sources open at the same time.

Dual-screen laptops also have their portability as one of their strong points, as it's becoming more important for people to be able to move around with their laptops. Thus, we could expect features such as long battery life without compromising the system's capacity to do work.

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