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On Oct. 3, Bohemia Interactive launched update version 1.05 for DayZ; however, PS4 players started experiencing bugs and crashes soon after. Although the patch was supposed to fix various issues in the game, the situation worsened as the update seemingly paved the way for more complicated matters.

Some of the reported issues were blue screen occurrence in PS4 consoles, crashes when dead body piles up while there are more than 10 players in the area, CPU hog or spike resulting from rendering issues, and many more.

"We are aware of the crashes happening on PlayStation 4 since the release of the update 1.05, and currently working on resolving them," wrote Bohemia Interactive in the DayZ's official forum.

Despite the slow response, the developers quickly thought of a way to fix some of the issues, resulting in a new yet smaller update, which became version 1.06. The patch is released today, aiming to mitigate crashes that are affecting some PlayStation 4 players, as announced both in the official forum and Twitter pages of the game.

Sadly, update version 1.06 will only be able to fix a small portion of the reported problems—which means the developers are yet to find a way to completely solve the issues plaguing the PS4 version of the game.

So far, only minor fixes are released with the patch. Update version 1.06 will be focusing on tweaking the memory distribution for the console, updating the texture streaming system, and applying compression to several textures. These fixes aim to make the system more resilient in order to counter texture allocation failures—which is believed to be one of the major reasons why the crashes are happening in the first place.

The developers confessed, however, that the problems are caused by multiple factors, which means texture issues are only a part of the whole dilemma. Because they haven't traced the origin of these bugs and crashes, they are having quite a difficult time to come up with a solution.

"We haven't found the roots of these GPU related crashes yet. It appears, they have multiple causes and there are no reliable reproduction steps, at this point," they wrote in the official forum.

Nonetheless, they sincerely promised that they will keep everyone posted and updated about the status of the game.

There is no confirmation yet whether these issues are also affecting the game when played in other consoles, but there seem to be no reports coming from other players except for PS4 users as of this moment.

But unaffected or not, Bohemia Interactive still highly encourages all DayZ players to help and cooperate with them by sending in ideas to fix the issues or detailed reports of any problems they might encounter while playing the game. 

Players are advised to connect with them and offer feedback via the game's official Twitter account and forum page to help them completely gauge the severity of the current dilemma and act accordingly.

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