Black Friday hasn't even officially started, and yet, a lot of great deals have already been happening. What else can be better than knowing that Apple's latest iPad 10.2 is currently on sale for a ridiculous amount, at least in the United States? Already, the new iPad costs $250 (with $80 off its regular price of $329, its starting regular cost) at Best Buy. However, even the marked-down price tag may not last come Cyber Monday this year.

Indeed, the same $80 off on the iPad price is how it was in last year's epic Cyber Monday Deal, may not be enjoyed for long because as early as now, other participating retailers of the Black Friday 2019 are also offering this same Apple product at a discounted price. In an article TechRadar posted on its website, it indicated that Walmart, for one, is currently selling the iPad 10.2 for $29 of its regular price. This is undoubtedly a good sign that everyone can look forward to even bigger discounts come Black Friday and Cyber Monday, officially happening on Nov. 29.

Repeating Last Year's Cyber Monday Deal for iPad

With this exciting deal, Apple enthusiasts are probably wondering how low can the price of an iPad go for Cyber Monday. Last year, some retailers such as Amazon and Walmart cut their prices by $100 on Cyber Monday. That was after the $80 discount for the Black Friday iPad Deal, the cost everyone thought was already epic at that time.

In the United Kingdom, cuts were a little more modest but definitely appreciated. Customers were able to buy an iPad at a cost hovering around £30 discount or £299 for the final price. The product got sold out through various retail shops with particular colors such as gold for one, which is quite more difficult to find than the standard silver choice.

Just a Caveat to This Year's Cyber Monday Deal

Most people who are looking forward to the best deals in this year's biggest sale are confident that the leading retail stores are giving discounts with the iPad, again, come Cyber Monday. However, the Apple deal this year may not be as remarkable as everything has to do with both size and timing. For instance, iPad 9.7 just came out in late September, and this means it will only be more than two months old when Cyber Monday comes on Dec. 3. 

Last year's new iPad, launched at exactly the same price, was released in March 2018, which was a little over eight months old during the time Cyber Monday came during Black Friday 2018. Moreover, today's market is also in a slightly different iPad class as this year's device is a bit bigger. Therefore, we're all dealing with an item that will only be two months old, not to mention, bigger than the one that was eight months old and smaller when it was sold on Cyber Monday.

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