With five generations of creatures and shinies, the lack of storage can certainly limit the Pokémon GO experience.
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Nov. 22 - Niantic, the company that developed Pokémon GO, announced that they would be increasing the maximum Pokémon storage to 3000 and Item storage to 2500. 

Limited Pokémon GO Experience

For some trainers, registering the Pokémon they caught in their Pokédex might be enough. However, some trainers want all of their Pokémon in their collection. They may want to keep them for trades, transferring to the main games, or for breeding. The storage space can certainly limit the Pokémon GO experience. 

Pokémon GO's Pokédex currently lists Pokemon up to the fifth generation, still ways ahead from Sword and Shield's Generation 8. But with five generations of creatures and shinies, storage is starting to be a real concern for the Pokémon Go community. So, this increase of 500 slots for each storage system is a real treat!

Expanding Storage

New trainers start Pokémon GO with limited storage at default capacity. Without upgrades, the trainer can only carry 250 Pokémon and 350 items. 

The upgrades are not automatic; they are obtained via microtransactions. Upgrading storage is done via the Pokémon GO Store. Each upgrade, which will allow 50 extra slots, will cost 200 PokéCoins or around $2. 

In-game activities can give PokéCoins as rewards. For example, trainers can have Pokémon defend gyms as an alternate way to get them. They can earn PokéCoins and a Stardust bonus in exchange. Every 20 hours, PokéCoins can also be collected as a bonus.

Generally speaking, spending actual money on storage upgrades can be a downer for popular games. Ironically, the $2-microtransaction for storage expansion in Pokémon GO is somewhat welcomed instead of spurned. This reception may be because trainers feel like they are getting their money's worth in Pokémon GO, compared with other overly monetized games.

Maximize storage without the upgrades

For trainers who do not want to spend for additional storage, tips and tricks exist to maximize the default storage. This includes hanging on to items and discarding a few. 

Some items that are worth hanging onto are Lucky Eggs, Incense, Lure Modules, and Razz Berries. Lucky Eggs increase the amount of XP trainers earn for 30 minutes; Incense attracts nearby Pokémon for 30 minutes; Lure Modules attract Pokémon to Pokéstops for 30 minutes; and Razz Berries make catching Pokémon easier. 

Trainers can also free up their bags by discarding items that aren't used much. For example, trainers who do not spend much of their time in gyms can get rid of the potions that take up space in their bags. Occasionally, they can also get rid of the different types of Pokéballs they carry, except for when collecting harder-to-catch Pokémon.

Perfect for Pokémon GO Supereffective Week

With the Pokémon GO Supereffective Week currently being held, the expansion of the Pokémon GO storage cannot have arrived at a better time. Trainers can take advantage of the additional expansion to catch new shinies and collect more potions and revives from PokéStops.

The Supereffective Week started last Nov.19 and will end this Tuesday, Nov. 26 at 4 P.M. During this period, players can catch new Shiny Pokémon in the wild, raids, and tasks. These new Pokémon can help them defeat the evil Grunts and Leaders.

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