Happy Thanksgiving! Have you thought of fun and meaningful activities to have your loved ones this special season of the year? If you think games over dinner are not enough, and you want more time spent with everyone after enjoying the turkey serve on the dinner table, worry no more. The treat is on us! You need not tire yourself out thinking of ways to gather everyone and make sure you're doing the same thing you all share in common—the movies. 

As we said, we got you covered. Here are the recommended Top Five Netflix and Disney+ films for you to watch with everyone via Netflix, Disney+, or even Amazon. Take the popcorn out of your cupboard and set the mood for the Thanksgiving film viewing. This list has a variety of titles for all genders and ages. Don't forget the beverage to go with the all-time favorite movie—watching snack.

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Five Titles to Search from Netflix or Disney+

1. Charlie Brown Christmas 

This whole cast of characters takes you to Christmas, as Amazon describes, "in the timeless classic 'A Charlie Brown Christmas.'" Be moved by Charlie as he learns the true meaning of Christmas as the Peanuts get ready for their nativity play and, later, adorn Charlie's Christmas tree. Be part of the tradition and watch "Charlie Brown Christmas" which has essentially been a must-watch film for the holiday season since its debut in 1965. This film is available on Amazon Prime.

2. Star Wars (All 8 Episodes) 

In case you haven't known, a new Star Wars movie is set to launch in less than one month. Now is the perfect time to watch Episodes 1 to 8, if you haven't watched them yet. You can also enjoy the first few episodes of "The Mandalorian" while logged on to Disney+. You can stream the episodes on this new Disney platform, and for "The Last Jedi, you can watch it on Netflix

3. The Christmas Chronicles

This follows siblings Teddy and Kate as they plan to catch Santa Claus on Christmas Eve (as we all do). Nevertheless, after their plan goes awry and the siblings accidentally crash the sleigh of Santa, they need to team up with a somewhat grumpy St. Nick and have the presents delivered before it's too late.

If you want some laughter after Thanksgiving dinner, this is the perfect film to watch as you are sure to hear jokes, and see emotion and adventure for the whole family. You can watch "The Christmas Chrofnicles" on Netflix.

4.      Frozen                       

You've got one good reason to watch this popular musical film (supposedly for kids but the adults love it too). It's because, you must have watched "Frozen 2" already this weekend when it opened in theaters and chances are, you and those who were with you when you watched this would like to bring back or relive the memories of the first edition. You can stream "Frozen" via Disney+.

5.      Iron Man 3

This, according to movie reviewers, as The Verge describes it, "is technically a Thanksgiving film." However, searching for a superhero movie takes time to celebrate hours-long, and family dinners willed with joy, and laughter is quite a challenge. Luckily, film director Shane Black collaborated with Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel Studios to come up with a "superhero Christmas movie." Watch this with your fellow Marvel fans over Disney+. 

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