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This merry month of December, Netflix is filled with heartwarming holiday movies families, lovers, kids, and any movie lover will surely love. Now, the popular movie-streaming app has once again added more new titles to the mix to make the Holiday Season worthier to spend with loved ones at home. The great news about these newly added movies is that Netflix has an array of options for its growing audience ranging from what is described as the "moody movie from 'Noah Baumbach,' to an Anthony Hopkins-led exploration of the 'Catholic Church,'" to an inexplicable true-to-life crime drama, hinging on two internet cats' death.

In terms of TV programs, Netflix's biggest release is the fantasy series, "The Witcher." This is Netflix's attempt to create a style like that of the "Game of Thrones," which starts airing on Dec. 20. Almost every day, a new program or movie is added to the platform. To give the audience a glimpse of what to look forward to this month, here are Top 5 of the many TV programs and films from Netflix.

Top Five New Titles to Search on Netflix

As mentioned, Netflix has so many titles its users have enjoyably watched since they started downloading the platform. This month, more new titles have been added to the long list of must-watch movies and TV shows. Here are five of them:

1. "Home for Christmas" (Showing on Dec. 5)

In this movie, Johanne, the main character, is feeling all the pressure the holiday season brings, with everyone at home being paired up. Therefore, she produces a boyfriend, and she's forced to look for the ideal date in time.

2. "Marriage Story" (Showing on Dec. 6)

Among the Netflix December shows and films, this one features stories from which people, and those around them, tell themselves as the marriage ends. The story says, too, that after the separation of a couple, it is up to them if they are to decide how they should manage to keep their family intact. This movie was released previously in theaters for qualification for the Oscars.

3. "The Two Popes" (Showing on Dec. 20)

The story is about an Argentine priest, Cardinal Bergoglio, who, in 2012, traveled to the Vatican to seek Pope Benedict XVI's permission to retire. The two popes are not exceptionally friendly, and their perceptions of theology and faith are great. More so, this new title from the December shows of Netflix tells the story a fight between cultural reform and tradition.

4. "John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch" (Showing on Dec. 24)

This is a great program to watch on Christmas eve. "John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch" is a variety show for children and, as described by movie and program reviewers, is yet another reason to love John Mulaney. In this show, special guests like Jake Gyllenhaal, David Byrne, Andre de Shields, and Natasha Lyonne will Mulaney and the kids.

5. "Sweetheart" (Showing on Dec. 25)

This survival horror film is a Blumhouse production. It tells the story of Jennifer, who is trapped in an island with something quite wicked—a creature that seems to be a ghost, force, or whatever it is—the creature appears hungry, and the story evolves there.

Other Titles in the List

What you read are just five of the many titles to remember when searching for Netflix's December shows and films. Among the other movies and programs to watch are: "Glow Up," "Three Days of Christmas," "Triad Princess," "Fuller House-Season 5 showing on Dec. 6;" "From Paris with Love," showing on Dec. 8; "It Comes at Night," and "Family Reunion Christmas," showing on Dec. 9; "Outlander-Season 3" and "Michelle Wolf: Joke Show," showing on Dec. 10; "The Sky is Pink" showing on Dec. 11; and "Jack Whitehall: Christmas with my Father," showing on Dec.12.

These are just half of the list of new programs and films to watch on Netflix. If you want to be sure you won't miss a show, download the app now, register to the platform, and start to enjoy watching 24/7. If it is your first time to use the platform, and you are not that familiar with it, you can have the app installed in your device, whether it is running on Android or iOS. 

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