Effects of Social Media on Mental Health
(Photo : Effects of Social Media on Mental Health)

Today's generation is very dependent on social media. It's the first thing on our mind in the morning and the last thing at night. Some may argue that we are not paying enough attention to our surroundings. We are missing out on precious moments of our lives. I am going to discuss how we are addicted to social media and it's affecting us.

Lack of Communication Skills

Talking to someone has never been easier. We stay connected with family and friends, even if they are in different countries. Social media helps us retain a robust long-distance relationship with our significant other. You can adequately express your emotions and thoughts and also post them for everyone to see. 

However, we can be caught up in all this so much that we lose time for what is around us. People have problems concentrating at work, interacting with people at social gatherings. All this makes us anti-social. If none of your friends is online, you might feel depressed and lonely.

Lowers Your Self-Esteem

Seeing different celebrities and their glamorous lifestyles on the internet might lower your self-esteem. You could start to think you aren't good enough. You don't dress well enough. Your clothes and accessories don't look right just because they don't have the names of expensive brands on them. You might spend all your time and money to get a good picture for more likes. 

Feeling this way can have horrible effects on your mental health. In a few years, you will realize there is no one around you. You only have digital friends and followers, which could lead to depression.

Feelings of Jealousy 

Seeing your spouse or partner with other people might raise some questions in your mind. Are they just friends? Are they colleagues?  How do they know each other? Or maybe your significant other isn't paying as much attention to you. You may even want to spy on them using certain apps like mspylite

Being always jealous and being in doubt is very unhealthy for your mind. You won't be able to focus on work or other essential things. All of this can lead your relation to a downward spiral.

Constant Need for Validation 

A friend of yours has four thousand followers. Another one has five thousand. You only have a couple of hundred. You try to do things they do, go out of your way to get a few more followers and likes. No matter how many followers you have, they will never be enough. You will always want more. 

You will be addicted to getting other people's approval. When in reality, you will fail to make the people closest to you happy. These likes and comments might give temporary satisfaction but will never make you truly happy.

Having good social media standing is not a bad thing. Communicating with people more often is excellent; it makes them feel closer to you. But, if you let social media affect the way you think and how you live, you can never be happy.

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