Millennials can have some weird trends, and they're hard to keep up with! With the rapid growth and daily movement of the social media world, it's logical that most of these trends go as quickly as they come. 

Either way, there are some things that millennials are currently loving, find out more about them!


That's right. These outdoor or underground parties are back in fashion. You'll be up all night and strutting your stuff with hundreds or thousands of other party-goers.

So, what should you bring to a rave party? Well, most people prefer comfortable shoes - it's not a fancy party at all! Shoes for rave festivals tend to be flatter and not heels. You can take boots, flats, running shoes, whatever you're most comfortable in! 

Streaming Services

Millennials gravitate towards a speedy lifestyle. They seem like they're always running out of time! This is why streaming services are great for millennials. 

With this service, you can watch whatever movie or series you want, for how long you want to. No one has time to wait around for the next episode to drop; we want things fast and easy. Getting a streaming service isn't hard at all, and most of them are pretty cost-effective. 

We all remember those times where Blockbuster was the only place to get movies. Now, you can have any movie with just a monthly or annual subscription. 

Delivery Services

With the rise of technology, now you can get food delivered to your doorstep with just a simple click on your phone. Millennials have developed a habit of getting fast food all the time, but this could be dangerous for their health. 

This is why some companies have decided to create apps where you can get anything delivered to your place. This is extremely convenient for these busy young adults, and it's also pretty lucrative to their business. 

This isn't only food-related either; you can get anything with a personal shopper. Nowadays, you can download an app, and ask for someone to shop your list from the drugstore and deliver it directly to your home. 

Online Courses 

Times have changed immensely from when our parents were young. Everything is expensive now, especially college. 

Millennials are known to be the richest but most broke generation, according to some experts. This is why going to college isn't an option for most people - high tuition costs, the significant student debt, and the expensive university housing makes this very complicated for most young adults. 

Online courses are prevalent nowadays. They are way cheaper than college, give you exactly what you need to know, and it educates you in order to get a higher paying job. 

Online Shopping 

Some time ago, people thought that online shops were purely a scam. Nowadays, studies show that most people do more than 60% of their shopping online. 

Online businesses are prevalent in our population, and oftentimes cheaper than other stores due to many factors. There are some companies that don't have a single physical store, and they handle all their income via the website. This is a brilliant move.

Final Thoughts

Being a Millennial is a fun experience, but it can be overwhelming due to the fluctuations in the market and the high price of college. We have better options now in the shopping, entertainment, and education field - and make sure that you experience a rave at least once in your life! 

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