Grand Theft Auto
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With high expectation still developing for still unannounced GTA 6, an individual who claimed he had been a QA tester for Rockstar has revealed a lengthy, even questionable, leak, with piles of obvious information on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto (GTA). As of December 2019, there is no hint at all that Rockstar is even in the process of launching GTA 6. However, considering it has been more than seven years since the most recent entry in what Rockstar considers its most successful franchise, it seems that the developers might be working on the next franchise discreetly.

Countless leaks about GTX 6 have come out, and some, according to reports about the game, "is more believable than the others." Among these leaks, the most cited one that claims it is said to have the title, "Project Americas," and it is said to be taking place in various locations. Not a lot of gaming enthusiasts know about this sequel to GT5. However, leaks are keeping gamers on their toes. has already made a summary of each GTA 6 leak (at least, the ones it finds the most believable) into a single easy-to-digest package. However, a new batch of information came out in late-December 2019.

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Possibly Fictitious Information about GT6

As mentioned earlier, GT6 has yet to be officially announced as to when no one knows. Therefore, it is essential to note that any information about the game remains unconfirmed. More so, there is every chance that it is at least partly fictitious. Nevertheless, tidbits of the details here that might just catch the fans' attention. The main concentration of the leak "is on the map, itself," which is seemingly 'huge,' and it spans in 2 major cities, the Vice City (Miami) and Carcer City (East Coast US, Boston-based).

The supposed QA tester said, the size of the map makes "GTA 5 look like a 'schoolyard playground,' and will feature enhanced atmospheric effects for weather and visuals" inspired by the realistic approach of Red Dead Redemption 2. The majority of the section of this leak "focused squarely on the map." Incidentally, GTA 5 broke the pattern by featuring various playable characters, and the leak claims this GTA sequel will be doing just the same, possibly with two siblings, one of them, an undercover cop.

Mission Design, Based on Leak

Mission design, as based on the leaks that came out, has been apparently wholly revamped, too. Also, according to the so-called tester, one can permanently abandon some missions or take multiple routes sprouting various consequences. The mission design of RDR2 faced criticism, but this feedback could enhance the next game of Rockstar.

Abundant details about GT6 got included in the leak. Nevertheless, it is fuzzy at best. A reiteration that the leak's source cannot be verified as authentic or genuine. Therefore, gamers can only guess its accuracy. At present, GTA 5, particularly the online portion, is still incredibly performing well, so Rockstar may not be in a rush to roll out GTA 6, allowing for more time to perfect the game for the next-gen consoles. 

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