Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus
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So far, Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus are pretty awesome phones to read on paper and look at visually. Don't be fooled, though, since there are a lot of things you need to know regarding this flagship that might make you think twice of owning one for you and yours. 


One of the phones presumably highlights the camera is it does take good pictures. However, for a phone that has a starting point of over $1000, it better be able to deliver not just good pictures but great ones. The live focus feature of the camera as well is clunky at best. It doesn't work when you need it to. Samsung even explained that live focus isn't supposed to be used as a macro mode, and it needs a person or face to trigger the live focus feature. 

Video wise is a little bit better as long as there is a face to focus on it'll do it's thing but it still kind of looks unnatural at times, come to think of it, Google has had better success in the camera department and they have one or at most two cameras for the new version but still take better pictures!

Say Goodbye to our Dear Friend the Headphone Jack

If you can remember the ads of Samsung for the Note 9 way back when going wireless was the thing for phones now for their competitors, and they stayed true to the customers saying they were keeping theirs? They deleted it RIGHT after they announced the release of the Note 10. 

Not having the option for headphones in this flagship phone is a bummer- meaning, users need to shell out more money to buy a bluetooth headset, or a dongle or USB-C headphones to get anything going in the sound department- if they want to enjoy music or take a call on the go. Samsung did say that they removed the headphone jack because it needed space for the S-Pen and larger battery life, but still, it's something many fans were disappointed about.

Buy a Case or Regret Your Decision

If you have ever held a Samsung flagship phone, it really feels premium because of the materials for it is aesthetically pleasing look. Once it slips from your hand, though, that's another $280-$300 replacement for that repair. Yikes! So get yourself a case to protect that precious little expensive bundle of joy mixed with sorrow and take care of it. 

Hertz Much

The phone truly has a remarkable screen. In stark contrast to this fact is that despite how it looks, it only has a 60hz refresh rate compared to other phones that can do 90hz refresh rate. 30 Hz can make a very big difference in your eyes in reality since when you try out 90hz and go back to 60hz, everything seems a bit off and laggy, and that's $1000 phone you are packing. If you are a tech junkie, you can compare this to 60hz to 144hz refresh rate on PC. 

Samsung Note 10 Price

As one of the flagship phones of Samsung with the Galaxy 10 and Galaxy 10 Plus, Note 10 Plus will cost you for starters of $1099, which is by far the most expensive Android phone sold as of now. Just remember that this is still a flagship phone and the hottest one at the market Android wise. All the bells and whistles you would want in a phone that could last you for maybe 3-4 years into the game.

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Still Worth a Buy

We said a lot of things regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, but this is still really a bang for your buck. You will appreciate that you own one and while others look at you with jealousy and think they should get one as well. Always keep in mind the pros and cons of every buy, and for this particular gadget, the pros outweigh the cons for sure.

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