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The coronavirus that has plagued humanity as of Dec 2019 is now trackable online via this online road map. This is very helpful when it comes to people who want to be aware of the virus and track them in real-time.

The researchers located at Johns Hopkins University are the ones who should take the credit for this map since the plague has started. Not only does it show where the cases are located but also the total confirmed cases, deaths, and recoveries as the reports about the virus come in. 

Click here for the map.

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You can access the map on desktop and mobile. Which is a very good thing for people on the go while they are traveling to different places. 

They use information from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, and other global sources to update the map constantly. This is gaining some traction since someone developed an add-on that lets you keep track of the virus just from your menu bar on the mac.

Background of the Coronavirus

It is a strain that has not been seen by scientists since ever - coined the "novel coronavirus" or 2019-nCov. Symptoms include but not limited to are acute respiratory infection and have already spread too quickly and fast in China and now have affected more parts of the world. Originally the virus was believed to be located in Wuhan City, a province of Hubei. 

Countries Affected by Coronavirus

As far as the news related to the cases of people who are infected as well as the countries listed are: Australia, China, France, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Taipei. All have at least 2 or 3 confirmed reports of the virus in their country. This is due to the lunar celebration as per usual it lasts 15 days, and a massive influx of tourists travel and visit different locations and, by this, spreads the virus much more quickly to different countries.

More people must be using this map now to be aware of the spread of the coronavirus, and they will be alerted and aware of the signs and symptoms people show or try to hide. Remember that prevention is always better than cure; this most especially for the coronavirus since there is no cure in sight as of now.

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All is not lost; however, since scientists all around the globe are racing to find the source and also the cure for this virus, it's likely that there will be a breakthrough sometime soon. Of course, it's not all about the scientists' efforts. It is definitely a given breakthrough. However, in DNA sequencing and the quick cooperation between China's scientists and the world, there is a bigger possibility that the solution is just down the corner. As of the moment, we should always follow facts and news regarding this as to be aware and not spread disinformation.

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