One search for UFO sighting on YouTube will bring up hundreds of thousands of grainy, shoddy videos of minuscule objects floating through the sky that could be anything from a plane to a bird to a dead pixel on someone's camera phone.

But that isn't the case with this UFO footage. While it is highly, highly, highly unlikely that this an alien spacecraft, it is definitely something out of the ordinary. Watch it below.

Ken Roberts says he captured the video above in Southern California while driving home from work. He doesn't believe it to be a plane because the object didn't seem to make any sound. Strange.

Even if you aren't a UFO conspiracy theorist, it still makes for a fascinating video. The flying object is likely something much more mundane than a crashing alien spacecraft (maybe a meteor). But what could the "orb" be? Probably a piece of debris, though the way it seems to go higher up into the sky rather than falling along with the larger object doesn't seem normal. Roberts says the orb kept flying up until it was out of sight, though he didn't capture it on video in favor of following the larger object with his camera.

Spooky! With such a large object lighting up the night sky, surely somebody else in California saw the event and captured it on film? As for what the object really is, we likely will never know, but that won't stop many from wildly speculating to their heart's content.

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