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US Navy Drafts New Guidelines For Reporting UFO Sightings

Reports of UFO sightings from military personnel will now be subject to strict guidelines from the U.S. Navy. This is in response to a growing number of sailors allegedly witnessing unexplained aerial phenomena in American territories.

Space April 28, 2019

Another Roswell Story? Pilots Report 'UFO' With Big Reflection In The Border Of Arizona And New Mexico

Puzzled pilots of different airlines think they saw an unusual object in the skies on Feb. 24. They saw an unidentified flying object pass over their aircraft in Arizona near the southwestern border of New Mexico.

Space March 28, 2018

‘Pleiadian Alien’ Spacecraft Spotted Over Lombardy, Italy? Skeptics Cry Photoshop But UFO Believers Say It’s Proof Aliens Are Visiting

Presumable alien spacecraft was spotted over Lombardy two days before a high magnitude earthquake. Alien hunters claimed a connection between the two events.

Space November 7, 2016

UFO Sighting Over Hawaii Triggers investigation Of Possible Hidden Alien Base

A possible UFO was spotted in Hawaii. A photographer was in the middle of a shooting when he recorded something unusual which he thought was proof aliens could exist.

Space November 3, 2016

Strange Lights Over Phoenix: Aliens In Mysterious UFOs Visit Arizona?

Residents in Arizona went on Twitter to report a strange object seen flying over the Phoenix area on Tuesday, Oct. 25. Some witnesses claim that the UFO appeared like orange lights streaking across the night sky above East Valley.

Space October 27, 2016

Why Canadians Saw An Increase In UFO Sightings In 2015: Report

In 2015, Canadians reported more than a thousand UFO sightings, a survey revealed. This meant that residents reported three or four sightings a day. Why did this happen?

Space April 15, 2016

UFO Watchers Spot Millennium Falcon-Like Metal Object Above Earth

UFO watchers were able to spot a Millennium Falcon-like metal object above the Earth via NASA live feed from the International Space Station. The incident, however, was faced with controversy after NASA cut the broadcast.

Space April 11, 2016

UFO Seekers Claim Interstellar Alien Mothership Lurking Near Jupiter

A space object that looked like an intergalactic alien mothership was spotted lurking near Jupiter. UFO seekers believed it was definitely an alien spaceship, but critics said it was not.

Space February 26, 2016

10 Tips For Investigating A UFO, According To The CIA

Do you have an interest in all things sci-fi and want to star in your own version of "The X-Files?" Here are some CIA-approved tips on how to investigate a UFO.

Space February 8, 2016

CIA Releases Hundreds Of Secret UFO 'X-Files'

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency uploaded hundreds of UFO 'X-Files' on their website. The declassified files include never-before-seen top secret files detailing the agency's work on UFO investigations from the late 1940s to the 1950s.

Space January 26, 2016

NASA To Tech Times: 'No, That Really Wasn’t A UFO'

After conspiracy theorists cried UFO at a photo tweeted by a NASA astronaut, Tech Times received confirmation that the light is just part of the Space Station itself.

Space November 24, 2015

Triangular UFO Purported To Be ‘Alien Megastructure’ Spotted Appearing, Vanishing Over Melbourne Sky [Video]

An Australian UFO hunter spots what seems to be a triangular UFO in the sky over Melbourne on Nov. 13, 2015. Could it be an 'alien megastructure'?

Space November 16, 2015

Looking For Alien Life? Here Are 10 UFO Hotspots Around The Globe

Unidentified flying objects (UFO) are reportedly seen by people in different corners of the world. However, there are certain places where UFO activities are more rampant than anywhere else.

Geek May 3, 2015

Is This A UFO Crashing Over Southern California?

Probably not, but it still looks really cool.

Geek January 5, 2015

UFO spotted hovering above cruise ship off the coast of Florida

Most people probably wouldn't associate UFO sightings with a cruise off the coast of Florida, but that may change. New, relatively clear footage shows some sort of craft hovering above the tropical sky.

Internet Culture October 14, 2014

UFO visits North London? Witness posts images on Facebook

Reports surfaced that UFOs were lately seen hovering on British skies? The sightings were caught on tape like many other previous sightings all over the world. But are UFOs for real or for reel? Read what former UFO investigators have to say.

Space April 30, 2014

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