Today marks the launch of Old School RuneScape's new group boss, The Nightmare of Ashihama, which sees an 80-player fight for the chance of grabbing some sweet rewards! In a statement given by Jagex, The Nightmare is supposed to be a monster who has suddenly made a home below Slepe in Morytania, which is causing citizens a few problems.

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The Nightmare Monster of Ashihama

Rumored to be feeding on the dreams of the innocent towns folk, this monster is supposed to grow stronger as time passes. This requires a group to conquer, which makes the challenge even trickier. The monster is apparently too powerful to be beaten up alone and is rumored to need about 80 players at a time to defeat. This is a challenge like nothing players have seen before in the Old School RuneScape.

The Nightmare of Ashihama is Live: What to Expect of the Old School RuneScape!
(Photo : Screenshot From Old School Runescape Facebook Page)
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The Old School RuneScape MMORPG

This classic-style MMORPG has seen a loyal fan base as being one of the earlier MMORPG, which brought a number of gamers to their path. Loyal players have even been coming back and forth playing this game every now and then to level up skills and better improve their characters. Finally, a new challenge is on its way, and only the best of the best can conquer this monster.

Why a group of 80 members is needed

The Nightmare is apparently too difficult to handle alone, and although technically you can battle this monster solo mode, the chances of your success are as thin as a sheet of paper. According to the studio, only the best of the very best can defeat this monster collectively. This is how difficult this monster is expected to be.

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Benefits of engaging in this battle

To encourage players to participate, the studio has even announced that players who participate will get their own personal rewards to stop players from scrambling all over the loots. There are so many rewards available for grabs, and when the beast dies, there is a chance of dropping a unique item! According to the studio, the more damage inflicted, the better the chances of unique loot, so it's not a bad idea to buy OSRS gold and make sure you get the best equipment to maximize your DPS. 

Possible loot for this monster

There are a few items we can most likely see in the loot once this monster is defeated. This is Inquisitor's mace that does massive damage without degrading, an interesting Nightmare Staff including three Orbs, namely Harmonised, Volatile, and even Eldritch, which each have their own unique effects. There are also three different pieces of the Inquisitor's armor to be gained from this loot.

How to get those rewards

There is minimum damage needed for you to be able to acquire those desirable loots, and players definitely need to be at the top of their game to acquire them. If players lack in damage, they might not get anything at all, which motivates them to work harder to be able to deal with better damage. This challenge focuses its attention on the veterans, but everyone is still welcome. The Nightmare of Ashihama is what Old School RuneScape fans have been waiting for.

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