The snow moon is going to appear on Feb. 7, Friday evening to Feb. 10, Monday morning and if ever you want to take that amazing photo to brag to your friends or just keep for yourself, you will need a few guidelines to follow to make sure you take that stellar photo. 

How to Take the Best Photo of the Moon According to Dennis Doucet
(Photo : Screenshot From RASC Niagara Centre Facebook Page)
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The significance of a moon photo

The moon can mean so many things to different people, with both personal and artistic intent included. In fact, history has been romanticizing the moon in as many ways as you can think of. The artistic proponent to the moon is its spherical shape, which looks good captured in a square or rectangular frame.

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Here are a few tips to help you take better photos of the moon:

Always check the equipment

A good camera is definitely a necessity but also do not forget different lenses and a tripod as well. The preferred camera to use, according to Dennis Doucet, a professional photographer, who has brilliantly been able to capture the moon over Kobe, Japan, is referred to as a "micro four-thirds" camera. According to Doucet, not only are they lighter and smaller, but they are also more affordable than the regular interchangeable cameras. Of course, you might not want to go over your budget when taking a simple photo of the moon. The importance of a smaller camera is the flexibility of it. If you think the moon is stagnant and in one place, you will be surprised by how hard it is to take the perfect picture if not done right. The preferred lenses are at least a 300mm to those extremely wide-angled lenses.

Make sure to find the right location

Now that your equipment is set up and ready make sure that you get a good location to set up before randomly setting up anywhere. There are even moon locator apps that you can download to find the perfect spot to take pictures of the moon. If your own backyard could be the perfect place to take a picture of the moon, good for you! If not, well, maybe you have to give a little more effort in finding the right locations to take the perfect photo of the moon. Also, do not forget about yourself and dress up for the location as well as pack a few snacks or anything you might need to make sure you will not have to go back and forth to a certain location.

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The right settings for your camera

Finally, here are the right settings to use when you want to take the best picture of the moon possible. If you are using a lens with a specific focal length of about 600mm or maybe even more, make sure to set the ISO into 800, the Aperture into 6.7 or as close to 6.7 as you can get, and the shutter speed should be between 1/1250 and 1/2500 of a single second. Make sure your tripod is nicely set and get ready to take the best picture of the moon possible.

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