The scientists working for NASA have just recently given a statement about their upcoming mission to somewhere astronauts have not been in a while, the Moon! The Artemis program is leading the agency for its first expedition to Mars, which is something that has not yet been done before. One of the main missions of this expedition is to learn how to extract the necessary resources properly from Mars to make way for a possible human colony in the future, but first, NASA will start on the Moon.

Artemis Program: NASA on the Moon Once More
(Photo : Screenshot From The Moon Appreciation Society Facebook Page)
NASA on its way to the moon

Why the moon is a necessary stepping stone

To start this expedition, NASA will first make a few trips to the moon before going to Mars to better train astronauts and the scientists themselves to handle the harsh environments and make improvements before stepping into unknown territory like Mars. Humanity has made its presence known to the moon many years ago but has yet to conduct an expedition to another planet asides from Earth.

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Data gathering on the moon

Data has been gathered to better study mars before NASA can make the expedition and training of their astronauts have already begun. What is lacking is the actual experience of astronauts to prepare them for the upcoming voyage better. The moon can be used as training grounds and even the creation of a survey laboratory for scientists to better prepare their equipment and create a better protocol for the Mars expedition.

Why is this a big deal for NASA

NASA includes quite a lot of projects this year involving outer space working with companies like TESLA to bring better internet connection to the world. NASA also includes other more complicated missions like the program Artemis which will require a huge amount of resources, namely physical, time, and scientific data. Preparing for the bigger expedition, Dr. Daniel Moriarty, who is a lunar scientist, has given a statement that the expedition to the moon is necessary for them to improve their spacesuits and get enough data to upgrade their rockets as well.

Aside from the Mars expedition, NASA has other plans

Included in NASA's platform is the utilization of resources on the moon by purifying water from the lunar surface, making it portable enough for humanity to utilize to our benefit. If this becomes possible, the number of resupply missions from Earth could be drastically minimized or even eliminated altogether, which makes the progress of development on the moon increase exponentially.

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NASA's plan for the future

Once NASA has created a system where human beings can fully utilize the moon and increase the number of resources available, NASA will do the same with mars in the future. Project Artemis is bigger than just a simple expedition since it involves the expansion of humanity from one planet to another through interplanetary trips and cultivation of resources to continually supply human beings as we make those trips to other planets.

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