Flu Surveillance
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All eyes are watching the coronavirus outbreak around the world, and it's alarming. Now that it's affecting major cities around the world, the U.S. is using monitoring devices in five of their cities to control the spread of the outbreak.

They will be using existing flu surveillance already on hand by the CDC. This, in turn, will effectively limit and track whether the coronavirus is really spreading across communities in the United States.

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How Will it Work

The labs in their respective cities will test for the coronavirus strain in samples that are showing negative for influenza. This will also be an early warning system that will determine a change in the public as a whole. This simple test will decide whether or not you may have the disease or not, and the CDC will be forced to quarantine you and do further studies. 

Affected Cities for Testing

Cities that will be undergoing testing will be:

  • Los Angeles

  • San Francisco

  • Seattle

  • Chicago

  • New York City

As of the time of writing, there have been 15 cases of the novel coronavirus already confirmed in seven states of the United States: eight of which are in California, two in Illinois, and one each in Arizona, Washington, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Texas.

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Will it be Effective Enough and When Will it Start

The problem with this temporary solution that it still might not be so effective since there has been news that some kits are faulty. This misnomer will deter the results of the test and might let people who do have the virus slip by the radar undetected.

The CDC is remanufacturing a reagent used in the kit that previously has an outcome of "indeterminate answers," hence the slight delay of the kits arriving at an expected time. One kit from the CDC can perform about 700 to 800 samples. CDC plans to ship about 200 test kits in domestic labs and the same number of kits to international labs once it is proven to be effective once again.

Coronavirus outbreak so far in China

As you are aware, this outbreak has halted some parts of the globe and is affecting almost everything that people depend on. In China, there are over 64,000 reported cases of the coronavirus since it has been founded. 

Impact it can Cause

What would then happen to the United States, one of the world's superpowers, if this outbreak will infect the country as it did in China without a known cure? Surely the effects around the globe will be ground trembling. Moreover, if this gets out of hand, the industries around the world will definitely calm to a halt, supply chains would run dry and more and more quarantine measures would be put into place that will deter the spread of the virus but also the vital needs of many a million peoples.

Hopefully, the CDC can work quickly to test the kits that may deter the spread of the virus from making sure that we can almost live normal lives and not in fear of the virus. Before everything else, it's always good to know that prevention is better than cure.

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