Singapore's high standards when it comes to precautionary measures have been able to save them three times more cases of Covid-19 than what they are currently experiencing. Harvard University has put together a thorough research that has supported this statement and has even suggested that if Singapore's safety measures are being met to the exact standard around the world, there would be a smaller risk of infection.

Singapore's Standards have Prevented Massive Covid-19 Breach
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Singapore against Covid-19

Singapore's safety standards have been kept at an optimum to ensure civilian safety

According to reports, the rest of the world is only able to detect 38% of what Singapore is capable of detecting. Although this statement has not yet been solidified, it is highly likely that this statement has some truth to it because the infection rate of Singapore is at an all-time low compared to neighboring countries.

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The epidemiological surveillance of Singapore is at a high standard to ensure that contract-tracing can be done by mapping their well observed data gathered by high standards of detection. Treatment in Singapore has already proven itself capable of a high success rate but what makes this possible is the intent resources and effort spent by Singapore itself to detect and identify any slight chances of this Virus as it travels from one host to another.

Singapore has been strong despite neighboring countries having problems with this virus

The World Health Organization (WHO) has already pinpointed 191 territories around the world with aggregated data but it seems that even though Singapore is in the hot zone, Singapore is still very well kept and the safety standards of its citizens are met with great action. Naturally, the culture of Singapore is known around the world to be much disciplined. This first world country may be the smallest country in South-East Asia but it has proven its strength in dealing with its internal matters.

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Although an attributing factor could be that the population of Singapore is drastically smaller than other countries, it is still very well respected for being able to cater to the health and safety of its citizens with the full force of their scientists and doctors. Brilliance lurks around Singapore and the Singaporeans have managed to put their great minds to good use.

The relationship between Singapore and China has made their detection methods even more amazing

Because of Singapore's strong business relationship with China, there is a given expectation that they would experience a bigger casualty when it comes to infection of the Covid-19 but it is not the case. Singapore is known as the perfect middle man and has survived and prospered economically because of how they treat business and relationship with other countries which pose a huge risk to them when it comes to infection but Singapore is still very capable of handling themselves.

The hygienic culture of Singapore has also contributed to their defense against the spread of infection

There are a few laws that are strictly being followed in Singapore like how it is illegal to spit just anywhere that have contributed to a culture that does not easily spread contamination. In fact, hygienic practices are being highly imposed in well-populated areas around Singapore. Singapore's Standards have Prevented Massive Covid-19 Breach because of their culture, efforts, and the help of technology.

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