Land Rover Defender
(Photo : Screenshot taken from Youtube Clip of Official Land Rover Defender)

The new Defender from car manufacturer Land Rover is ready to dish out all the pain and take the punches as well. James Bond better get ready to learn how to operate or run away from this beast.

The Land Rover Defender gets a very nice spot in the up-and-coming James Bond film titled No Time to Die. For the extra British flair, it's accompanied by Triumph motorcycles to inspire that sinister feel of the bad guys who are out to chase the antagonist to the ends of the earth. Here is the advertisement for you to see if you haven't already:

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How They Shot the Commercial

Lee Morrison coordinated the short clip, and Chris Corbould was in charge of special effects and action vehicles on the scene. The stunt driver used in the scene is racecar driver Jessica Hawkins.

This is all speculation as of now until we receive more news. However, the clip features a chase sequence near a villain's hideout. Three Defenders and three dirt bikes leap into action through a dreary and moot environment with real enthusiasm. The trucks tear through grass and mud, hit trees, splash on creek water, and finally flip over and keep running. There is also a lot of air time showcased, and people who are considered enthusiasts will appreciate the fact that jump testing is part of their durability test, along with wear and tear.

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Two Kinds of Defenders

The all-new Defender comes with a mild-hybrid 3.0-liter inline-six making a total of 395 bhp or 295 kilowatts and 406 pound-feet or 550 Newton-metres of that sweet torque while running through an eight-speed automatic transmission. It also comes with an option with an all-wheel drive with a two-speed transfer case if you choose, manual locking center differential, and automatic locking rear diff for better traction when you're off-road. Buyers can also customize the height-adjustable air suspension system.

The other option will be coming with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with 296 bhp or 221 kW and 295 lb-ft or 400 Newton-metres and a 2.0-liter turbodiesel with around 237 bhp or 177 kW and 317 lb-ft or 430 Nm. Also comes with a plug-in hybrid option should be arriving relatively soon.

The Defender has two body styles, and they are both amazing. The four-door 110 is available as a five-seater or a five-plus-two configuration. It can comfortably seat up to six occupants. A commercial version might arrive in the future.

The initial base price will set you back a whopping $49,900 plus tax on the official website right now.

James Bond Tie-in with Land Rover

The two have been helping each other promote their brands as long as time can tell, and this seems to be another one of their collaborations. This will definitely not be the last of the partnership as there are already rumors who the next James bond will be. Regardless of the rumors, one thing is for sure is that Land Rover is there to stay.

No Time To Die will premiere on Mar. 31.

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