Although the hype and marketing for Samsung's $1,400 Dollar Galaxy Z Flip was a mainstream success, users of this phone were met with unpleasant surprises that happen during their experience of the new phone. Ads were reportedly showing up everywhere, and it feels just about the same as when Apple started shoving ads for their Apple TV+ and other products directly to users and have annoyed a great number of their customers.

Third-Party Ads Show Up on Samsung's $1,400 Dollar Galaxy Z Flip
(Photo : Screenshot From Samsung Global Official Facebook Page)
Galaxy Z Flip

Apple received the criticism first

There was a blog post that gained quite an amount of attention because of how it pointed out that it was unfair for ads to be shoved in the faces of Apple users. This has become a stressful inconvenience for most users instead of something beneficial. There are some instances where ads being shown are quite fine, but the problem is when ads are being tossed around even when the user is clearly not interested at all.

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Apple reportedly earned billions of dollars during their first quarter in 2020, and this shows just how much people spend on ads. A very profitable chunk of Apple's earnings was also from ads being shown here and there, and it is very convenient for Apple to show their ads on their own platforms. After all, they own the very phones that show these Ads.

Steve Streza has quite a lot to say about this entire concept

According to Streza, a Tumblr software engineer, there are a lot of things wrong about this approach. Streza says that consumers spend their money on Apple products, but Apple abuses the availability of their platform to push down subscriptions and other money-making procedures. As an example, Streza pointed out that when you first use the Apple News app, there is a free tier and a tricky $9.99 dollars per month subscription, which later on slides into your expenses if you are not too careful.

Samsung could be following Apple's tactics

It is a very big possibility that Samsung is trying to squeeze out as much money as they can from users who just spent $1,400 dollars on their phones! Aside from this phone being very expensive, the privacy and convenience of the users should be a priority. It is an unstated fact that a smooth experience is to be expected from a price of that level.

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The ads are a turnoff to new users of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

The ads keep on coming whether users like it or not while Samsung gets away with the additional profits on top of the profits they made just by selling their phone. It is quite agreed that this form of marketing should not be continued or at least minimized to a respectable level instead of something forced to users whether they like it or not. The $1,400 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is already one of the newest phones in the spotlight, but will they be able to maintain a positive review with their methodologies?

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