NEW VIRUS FOUND! What We Know about the Yaravirus Versus What We Know about the Coronavirus is Alarming
(Photo : Screenshot From CTV Barrie Facebook Page) Yaravirus

The Yaravirus is a virus that has just recently been found in an artificial lake called the Lake Pampulha in Belo Horizonte, a city in Brazil and the discovery of this virus has puzzled scientists as only 10% of this virus is understandable. In comparison, the other 90% of the virus seems like something new.

The coronavirus has shown the world how behind we are on our virology, which should come as a signal that we should put in more research to understand viruses better, how they work, and how they originate.

NEW VIRUS FOUND! What We Know about the Yaravirus Versus What We Know about the Coronavirus is Alarming
(Photo : Screenshot From CTV Barrie Facebook Page)

The deadly coronavirus has shown the world its weakness

With the coronavirus outbreak claiming thousands of lives of citizens from different countries across the globe, some countries like Singapore have been able to contain the virus while others are experiencing a hard time dealing with the virus. North Korea reportedly kills anybody infected to stop the outbreak, and this is one of the least humane ways of dealing with the virus. At the end of the day, the world still needs better methodologies to deal with this virus.

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The world's detection and solution rate have been reported to be only 38% as effective as Singapore's way of dealing with this virus. Although we cannot compare other countries with Singapore because of how advanced Singapore is with surveillance, detection, and even quarantine of this virus, we can look to Singapore as a reminder of how there is still hope!

The Yaravirus was named after a goddess

There is no formal way of naming a virus, and since the virus was found in a lake, the scientists who found the virus decided to name it after a water-queen goddess from Brazilian mythology. The virus was discovered by Mr. Bernard La Scola from the Aix-Marseille University of France and Mr. Jonatas S. Abrahao from Brazil's Federal University of Minas Gerais. The two researchers specialize in viruses found in water, but the discovery of the Yaravirus shocked them both.

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About 90% of the virus is unknown and unidentified, and only six genes can be clearly identified because of their similarity with 8,500 other genes found in the index. Knowing only 10% about this virus is an alarming fact but is also a good discovery because if this virus is better understood up to 100%, then we may have better chances of fighting future viruses that may attack humanity.

So far, the Yaravirus is not as harmful as the coronavirus

The coronavirus is classified among the "giant" viruses, which are usually identified for having 200 mn sized particles while the Yaravirus only has 80 mn. Although, based on the size alone, scientists feel that the Yaravirus is not a threat, they can never be too sure, especially since they only know 10% of this virus. Even the coronavirus is still not 100% identified, and this is why a cure or vaccine has not yet been completed. The world of virology needs more scientists to help counter viruses like the deadly coronavirus.

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