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Lenovo mentioned on Monday, Feb. 23, that they would be revamping their ThinkPad laptops using the AMD Ryzen Pro 4000 Mobile series. That sentence is impressive by itself, and if you're not hyped, I don't know what is wrong with you. 

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Lenovo's premium T-series, X-series, and L-series will offer Ryzen Pro 4000 models. It will also come alongside Intel's' 10th-gen Comet Lake chips for the business-focused vPro version. We covered the difference between Ryzen 9 and Intel's 10th-gen, and it's right here for your convenience.

When can you expect to get one

Initially, this was supposed to be unveiled in the MWC show in Barcelona. However, it was canceled due to the COVID-19, which was covered on this site as well. Sources from say that it might come out sometime during Q2 if all goes well, and production and manufacturing will be as planned. 

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Why so giddy about AMD Ryzen 4000

The AMD Ryzen 4000 series of processors, which were announced back in CES, has people excited. The chips are using the "Pro" version of the chip, which is most probably the equivalent of vPro architecture that is used by team Blue, Intel. No tests about the Ryzen 4000 chips have gone out yet, but with Ryzen 9 3900X has proven time and time again, Intel has to be worried. 

What other things to look forward to

Lenovo mentioned that the new ThinkPad models would offer Wi-Fi 6(802.11ax), regardless of the processor used. The ThinkShutter webcam shutter will also be included in all of the modes. Will have PrivacyAlert, which uses the IR camera to detect when someone is peeping at your screen, also can be optional with an IR camera regardless of the chips used.

What else to take note of

Lenovo hasn't told anyone how many Lenovo ThinkPad models out there will use the AMD mobile Ryzen, as a different option to Intel's 10TH-gen mobile carps. The spec sheets handed out by Lenovo are the usual but except the 10th-gen mobile chips from Intel but did not indicate the model. It might be Ice Lake or Comet Lake, but you can assume to bank on the latter for this one since Ryzen 4000 models will give in that easily. 

The most potent T-series ThinkPads like the T14, T14s, and T15 will include either AMD mobile Ryzen 4000 or Intel's 10th-gen parts. Modern Standby, Dolby Audio Speaker System, Wake on Voice, used by optional Dolby Vision. 

Starting prices predicted will be around $849 for the base T14 at $1,029 for the T14s and $1,079 for the T15. Expected to be released in the second quarter of this year.

It's indeed the right choice for Lenovo to give options for customers to either go with team Red or team Blue for this one since the competition is hotter than ever with AMD Ryzen 4000 as well as Intel's 10th-gen chips.

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